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Who has the next birthday in your family? Or are you already thinking about Christmas? The search for the perfect gift begins again but you don’t have to spend a lot of money! Here are some great homemade gift ideas for your friends and relatives that don’t cost a fortune while being unique!

Homemade Gift Ideas: Bang For Your Buck

Spending lots of money on gifts doesn’t mean your loved ones will cherish them forever. Just look at the mounds of neglected toys in my house for proof!

Our consumer-oriented society spends millions of dollars on presents. Last year, the average American spent close to $1,000 on Christmas gifts alone. But is it really worth it? Everything we do has to be faster, higher, bigger, better and more expensive. Why don’t we just think about the important things?

With little to no money at all, you give a wonderful homemade gift your family members, colleagues or friends. While it might require extra time and thought to put these together, these homemade gift ideas are sure to make the recipients smile.

Homemade Gift Boxes for Friends and Family

gifts homemade present for friendsSubscription boxes are all the rage. Even pets can have their own box! They
can contain everything from cosmetics to toys and food.

Why do we love these homemade gifts for a friend or relative so much? It’s all about the element of surprise. Opening the boxes is like unpacking presents. You can also easily assemble the boxes yourself. While many of these boxes cost a lot of money and require a subscription, here are some ideas to make your own homemade gift box.

1. Homemade Wellness Box for Women

I’m sure a mother would love a wellness box. Put in bath salts, essential oils, or other bath additives. Maybe you also made some of your own bathing balls, candles, and possibly also a CD (or Spotify playlist) with relaxing music go well with it. Put essential oils and massage oils in the box, and don’t forget delicious chocolates!

2. Movie Box for Relaxed Evenings

Boxing for a movie night at home is very popular. Just put in a nice movie, popcorn, chips, favorite drinks, and napkins, and the box has everything you need. You could even give great movie recommendations from Netflix to give them a more flexible movie selection. This is a low-budget yet very creative homemade gift for your best friend, brother, or even a co-worker.

3. Get the Party Started with a Party Box

Confetti, sparklers, and streamers are a great way to spice up an otherwise boring evening! But one caveat: warn the gift recipient to open this outside if there’s lots of confetti and glitter. That clean-up is no fun!

Be sure to design and decorate the boxes beautifully and lovingly. It doesn’t always have to be a box. Baskets and buckets also work well. Pretty lined and with a pretty bow the boxes and baskets make something.

Homemade Gift Boxes for the Chef

kitchen egg familyWho says you can only give away material things? Everybody is happy about homemade food from the kitchen. And the great thing is that they’re last-minute gifts. So if you’re under time pressure, some biscuits or baking mixes are a perfect idea.

4. Make Your Own Baking Mixture

Who doesn’t love delicious bakery treats hot out of the oven? With a little money and effort, you can make your own baking mixes and give them away in a nice mason jar or another container. For example, you layer flour, sugar, salt, dried yeast and grains on top of each other for bread. Your present is ready. The recipient just needs to add water, or maybe eggs.
Granola mixtures can also be put together according to the same principle. We’re often too lazy to put such mixtures together ourselves but how great is it to receive a baking mix or cereal personally your favorite ingredients! You don’t even have to add anything to granola- it’s delicious on its own!

5. Homemade Jam and Spreads

A very classic gift from the kitchen is the homemade jam. Making your own jelly or jam is a great way to use up overripe fruit or a massive herb garden. Try making jelly, pesto or spread. Homemade hummus is always a hit, and really easy to make!

6. Homemade Herbal Oils As A Gift

Have you ever made your own herbal oils? All you need is a bottle of oil, a few of your favorite herbs, chili, and garlic. Pour the oil over the dry herbs and spices in a nice bottle and let it rest for a few weeks. The herbal oil is ready. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Photo Gifts For Friends And Family

photos homemade gift We take photos almost daily with our smartphones- most of which are sent and deleted. Even images you take with your camera often simply end up lost in the cloud or on your smartphone. How often do you really look at them?

7. Make a Photo Frame

But your photos are important! They remind us of special moments in life. Whether it’s your grandmother’s birthday, your child’s first day back to school, or your last vacation. These moments were so important to you that you wanted to capture them forever. They deserve a place of honor. Simply putting a photo in a frame can make this memory last forever.

8. Compile Photo Books

There are different ways to design photo books. You can either upload your pictures to a special printing service, arrange them, and wait for the printed book to come to your door. Of course, you can also do this offline and create a scrapbook. This takes a little more time, but is even more special!

9. Arrange Photo Calendars

Photo calendars are especially popular to give on Christmas. Just choose your favorite photo from a specific month and glue it to the month of next year’s calendar. You can also add some stickers. postcards or Washi tape to it. The possibilities are nearly endless!

10. Decorate with Photo Canvases

A self-designed photo canvas is another cost-effective way to remember your favorite memories. Let your kids create theirs for godparents or grandparents with drawings.

The Best Things in Life Are Free – DIY Gift for Friends and Family

11. Write Them Some Poetry

Of course, you can also give something away and not spend any money at all. If you are very poetic, you can try a self-written poem. A poem expresses thoughts and feelings that are sometimes not possible in everyday language.

12. Write a Song

If you are musically talented, you can write a song. A compilation of the favorite songs is also possible. After all, music speaks the language of the soul, as the saying goes. It says something that cannot be said.

Homemade Gift Ideas and The Precious Gift of Time

13. Vouchers for Quality Time

Have you ever thought about a gift certificate? No, we don’t mean a voucher for the drugstore or clothing store with a certain value. We mean vouchers for activities; for time together. Does your gift recipient like taking action? Then give him a voucher for bungee-jumping or paragliding. Maybe a hot-air balloon tour can be very beautiful. You can also spend time together while hiking, cycling, climbing, or cooking.

14. Take a Class Together

Of course, you can also take a dance course, or you can learn to sew and knit together. For the more creative friend or relative, how about a photo course? The main thing is that you do something together. With all the hustle and bustle of today, time is probably the most precious gift. The good news is it really doesn’t have to cost anything.

What are your favorite gifts – homemade or not? Be sure to tell your loved ones on FamilyApp!

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