21 Boys Bedroom Ideas and Inspiration

Redesign boy bedroom

We all need a special sanctuary at home, and designing the perfect place for your little guy can be an exciting challenge. Here are some fun boys’ bedroom ideas for everyone from toddlers to teenagers.

How Do I Decorate My Son’s Bedroom?

As much as we all want to design a magazine-worthy dwelling for our sons, the reality is, most boys (and girls) can play pretty hard in their rooms. That means we often need to consider function over form with our design schemes. Oddly enough, choosing durable, versatile fabrics, and furniture might not look quite as great at first, but will probably end up looking better than beautiful, delicate fabrics.

Boys Bedroom Ideas: Start With Basics

Before you embark on redoing a bedroom for your toddler or teenager, it is important to create a plan. When discussing his vision and bedroom ideas, be sure to:

  • Set a Budget: This is easier said than done, but have a good idea of which items to splurge on, and places you’d like to save. You can find some really great case goods like beds, dressers, or bookshelves second-hand or at discount stores.
  • Choose a Theme: For some, a theme can be as elaborate as turning their room into a superhero fortress or jungle hideaway. For others, it might be as simple as incorporating their favorite color into the design scheme.
  • Get Decorating: After you’ve decided on a theme, you can get the project started! Find ways to reuse old or thrifted items and decor in his current room!  Decorating does not always mean buying wall art and bedding! It could be something as simple as adding wallpaper or painting and hanging some photos. After checking out these room ideas, you’ll have some inspiration for toddler boy rooms all the way to teen boy rooms.

Toddler and Little Boys Bedroom Ideas

At this stage in life, your son’s bedroom is probably more a reflection of the parents than his own design ideas. So have fun with it! Whether you choose a more versatile idea or commit to a fun theme, here are some great options for your little guy.

Country Cottage Room

We are loving this hand-painted tree mural from @stilleben_cottage_ct! If you have the talent and time, your toddler will appreciate this artwork for years to come. The wooden headboards add a natural element that ties this room together. The sweet stuffed animals and squirrel in the tree’s mural are another sweet touch.

Jungle Boogie

Another fun and reversible way to create a playful bedroom design is by using wall stickers! These stickers by @hello.circus are adorable and easily removable to redesign a teen bedroom when the time comes. If animals aren’t your (or your son’s) favorites, Hello Circus makes lots of fun wallpaper and wall decor that might liven up any room in the house!

Timeless Southern

Next, room designer Jen of @georgiasattic loves the versatility of these convertible bed frames. They are an investment that will last many years for your boy(s), so you are sure to get your money’s worth. It starts as a crib, growing with your toddler boy into a small bed, then expanding into a full-size bed!

Also, using your kid(s) name(s) in the design of the room is a great way to make a room feel more like it’s their space. The industrial-style wall art is an eye-catching way to do this and add some excitement to the white walls. This faux cowhide rug ties the Southern vibe together while adding a functional element the kids will love.

Bright Colors

One way to brighten up a small bedroom where you don’t have a lot of space to decorate is by painting an accent wall! This bright yellow fits perfectly into @miss.shell.play.laugh.love’s theme of construction trucks!

Dino Room

This room from @raensunmoon_home is not only cute but it sparks learning! Your little boy will know the names of every dinosaur on the bedding after a few days in this new room! With the warm green walls and wooden floors, the only things needed to make this dinosaur room come to life are the bedding and a few toys!

Hitting the Road

An easy way to make a statement in your boy’s bedroom is with a unique bed frame! There is no doubt that Black Suburban Farmhouse has the coolest toddler boy room in the neighborhood! A fun bed and wallpaper are all you need to make a room come to life if your child is set on a theme!

Camping Under the Stars Boys Bedroom

With some black paint, wallpaper, and string lights, anyone can turn a plain room into a whimsical campground under the stars. This room idea is a great example of getting creative with room designs. By adding the bed teepee, @hesketh.white.house was able to create an awesome campground for her little one to enjoy each night. We also love the contrast of the dark walls with the light carpet in this bedroom.

Versatile Boys Bedroom Ideas

Here are some fantastic rooms that will work for boys of all ages!

Simple Neutrals

Leslee Mitchell’s room design is fitting for any age boy! The decor is simple, functional, and versatile. As he gets older and goes through different phases, you can easily swap out the photos in the frames to match what he is loving at the moment. The all-white wood paneling on the bottom half of the wall gives the room character in the midst of all of the neutrals. Even when your little boy is all grown up, simple decor like this will create a cozy environment for him to live in.

Superhero Theme

With some bedding and a few decorations, any kid room can be turned into the ultimate superhero hangout. We love grey brick wallpaper that The Trendy Grey Home used to make an accent wall. It is trendy yet masculine and makes the hulk’s wall smashing look even more realistic! The wall-mounted shelves are also a smart way to fill empty space with high ceilings.

A room like this can easily be transformed into a teenage boy’s bedroom if he outgrows his love for Batman. New bedding and removal of the superhero wall stickers will leave a blank canvas for a teen to redecorate.

Lego Land

This ultra kid-friendly room creates dimension with the toy heads and Lego wall stickers designed by Anita Roll. The colorful bedding fits perfectly with the theme, making it the perfect room for a Lego enthusiast! The versatile blue headboard and gray walls will still be perfect for a teen boy who might want more minimal room decor.

Star Wars

There are so many room design ideas out there, but one that never fails to disappoint toddler and teenager boys is a Star Wars theme. This light-up sign in this room designed by Ness of @myhomeinlittlesquares77 is every Star Wars fan’s dream! Also, the white cabinet next to the bed creates a chic storage space for all of the toys and give’s every item a home.

Bedroom Ideas for Older Boys and Teens

With the right basics, you just need a few design tweaks to design a room for your son that will last for years. Here are a few of our favorites.

Rustic Boys Bedroom

There’s nothing quite like an understated rustic theme, which can carry your son from toddlerhood to his teen years. We’re big fans of this design by Jodie and Julie of The Design Twins. They’ve selected a neutral color palette and created strong visual interest by mixing textures and patterns. This works so well for teen boys, as it’s masculine and understated, but still visually cohesive with the complementary patterns. It’s a great design choice her sons will enjoy for years to come!

Farmhouse Baseball All-Americana

What boy wouldn’t want bunk beds like these? We love this room designed by Jami Warren.She does a fantastic job embracing the baseball Americana theme in a tasteful way that her sons will still appreciate for years to come. Her subtle use of red is the perfect accent to the Farmhouse Baseball theme.  The textured wall behind the bunk bed is another unique addition to this one-of-a-kind room.

The Bros Club

This bedroom design by Maria Johns is very on-trend with maximalist designs becoming increasingly popular. The patterns all work well together since they have a neutral color scheme of white, grey, and black. Then, the added gold/ yellow accents elevate the space without looking overpowering. We love the details of each brother pictured individually on either side of the room and the photo of both of them in the middle! Little details like this can help siblings that share a room feel like they still have their own space.

Preppy and Patriotic

This sports-inspired bedroom, expertly curated by Brexton Cole Interiors, is stylish and patriotic. The blue walls, red decor, and wooden oars create a refined nautical-inspired look. The Ivy League school flags emphasize the preppy vibes in this room! You could take these design ideas and customize them with accents from your boy’s favorite sport or school.

Tip: Remember, a gallery wall can be more than just pictures, this wall is cohesive without being over the top.

Rock and Roll

Have an aspiring musician or boy who constantly is listening to music? He will love this laid-back room idea from Nicole Street of Signature Street Home. The old vinyl and vinyl covers hung over the desk create music-inspired, nostalgic wall art anyone is sure to love. You can include covers from his favorite bands or any with a fun graphic. This bedroom had some extra space, so the designer chose to fill it with a functional and cool L-shaped beanbag chair.

Boys Bedroom Play Area Ideas

While it’s great to have a place to sleep, there are also a lot of fun touches you can add to make a bedroom more fun and functional. Here are a few great ideas!

Organized Learning Center

Every little boy’s bedroom needs a play area! We love how Georgie Clark kept her son’s play area fun and clean! Those wicker baskets are a perfect place to hide all of the toys when guests come over and add some texture to the area. Even the mini kitchen set complements the pastel toys and neutral color scheme.

Let Him Do the Decorating!

This bedroom by Sonil of @footloosemama has a wall-painted floor to ceiling in chalkboard paint! If you have textured walls, a chalkboard might be an easier option. But, if not, your kids will love the freedom to draw and write all over the wall! Plus, you’ll enjoy looking at all of their unique creations.  Chalkboard walls could be added to any room theme your boy chooses for a more playful atmosphere! This idea would translate nicely into a playroom as well.

Cozy Reading Nook

One great way to encourage your little man to read is by setting up a comfortable spot to chill. Also, facing his books outward with the cover showing functions as decor and may entice him to read more! @blooms.and.bubbles turned a simple corner into a place to learn and play by adding framed photos with primary colors, a kid-friendly seat,  and wall-mounted bookshelves.

Modern and Fun Boys Bedroom Ideas

This room, designed by Ajia Monet of Ablige Interiors, Inc., completely captures the energy and playfulness kids have. What kid wouldn’t love playing on their new built-in rock wall with their friends? The blue and white walls are modern and the four-poster bed is mature enough to use in his teenage boy’s bedroom. Sure, adding a rock wall to a kid’s room may seem a little over the top, but always remember to add elements that allow them to have fun!

For some kids, fun may not be found in a rock wall or sports-themed bedroom. You may have a kiddo that loves video games. In which case, this may be their dream room! If you already have a television in your boy’s room, these simple wall-mounted attachments can easily make any tv look like a Nintendo switch! They are guaranteed to love this, especially if they primarily use that TV for gaming! The white and black polka dot rug reminds us of packman and makes the perfect addition to this bedroom.

Get Decorating With Excellent Boys Bedroom Ideas!

Now that you have plenty of ideas to work with when redesigning your boy’s bedroom, you’re ready to get started. Don’t forget to share your ideas and renovation progress with family on FamilyApp!

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