Baby’s First Birthday: Fun and Easy Party Ideas

Baby's First Birthday Party Ideas

Even without a huge gathering, make unforgettable memories on your baby’s birthday. Try these baby’s first birthday party ideas to make the most of the day!

Birthday parties are pretty different these days since most people won’t be going out to a planned event or having a lot of guests over. Fortunately, there are still plenty of things you can do to celebrate your child’s first birthday! Whether it’s an exciting art project or a smaller themed party, we have some tips that will get you planning. Share your baby’s first birthday party ideas with others on your favorite family app!

How Do You Celebrate Your Baby’s First Birthday Without a Party?

With a lot of us celebrating our birthday’s at home these days, it might be no different for the little one. But there are plenty of ideas for first birthday fun you can do without throwing a party!

  • Try an Art Project – Kids like to be creative, but how about trying one of the best DIY baby’s first birthday ideas? Set up a special spot for them with their own canvas. With a smock and the right finger paints, they’ll make a masterpiece by mid-day!
  • Birthday Ball Pit – Few things are more fun for kids at the theme park then the ball pit. Fortunately, you can bring this excitement to your own home! All you need is some plastic balls and a kiddie pool so they can ‘splash’ all day. Share your ideas for a homebound birthday party on FamilyApp with other parents!
  • Plan an Outdoor Playdate – In these times where we’re all being more cautious, many first birthday ideas might not seem possible. Instead, invite one special guest so your child can have some playtime with their friend than a huge party. With all of us spending more time alone, there’s nothing better than time spent with a loved one!
  • Smash Cake – Every child loves a cupcake, but just because you’re not having a birthday party doesn’t mean you can’t have cake! In fact, you may even want to have your little one do as they wish with no one around. While they might enjoy the smash, they’ll enjoy eating it too!
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What Should I Do for Baby’s First Birthday Party?

If you’re having a little get together, there are some great baby’s first birthday ideas you might want to try. After all, a special theme can really make it memorable! Be sure to share your own inspired party themes on your favorite family app.

  • A Donut Theme – Kids love their treats, and that’s why they’ll love a donut-themed party. You can serve milk and donuts, and get plenty of great donut decorations. When it comes to entertainment, make your own donut pictures for the kids to color and paint!
  • TV-Inspired Dress-Up – Every kid has a show that keeps them glued to the television. That’s why one of the best baby’s first birthday ideas is this theme! Whether it‘s Sesame Street or Daniel Tiger, you can find decorations, dishware, and games that correspond to it for your baby’s party.
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Roundup – If you have a musical family, there’s a good chance you have a couple of instruments around your house. Instead of leaving it to the professionals, pull them out so your kids can pluck, bang, and blow away! You can even have a rock n’ roll dance-off to be done alongside the tunes.

It may be a difficult time for birthday parties, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate your little one! In fact, there are many baby’s first birthday ideas that are easy to execute and will make for memories. Do you have a great birthday party idea? Share it with other parents in our comments! You might not be able to have everyone over, but there are plenty of ways to make the day fun.

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