Why Wear a Pregnancy Necklace?

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When it comes to pregnancy, there are a lot of little things to do. Luckily, there are a few things that can make taking care of the baby a bit easier. And, if you’re looking for a bobble to comfort your baby, a pregnancy necklace could be just what you’re looking for!

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What Is a Pregnancy Necklace?

A pregnancy necklace is a piece of jewelry with a small ball that moms-to-be wear around their neck. Also known as “Bola,” “Harmony Ball,” or even “Angel Caller,” many different cultures from Indonesia to Mexico have had a version of the necklace for expectant mothers. It often comes in sterling silver or gold and has a pendant that releases a soft chime when the pregnant woman moves. While it can comfort a baby in the womb, it might have other benefits following birth. Some expectant mothers even have their necklaces personalized with different colored beads to potentially influence the baby’s gender.

Why Wear a Pregnancy Necklace?

It’s nice to have a new piece of jewelry, but there are many good reasons to choose a pregnancy necklace chime. Many are not aware of it, but babies in the womb begin hearing at 26 weeks. That means that your baby will notice the soft chime of your necklace, establishing a connection to the outside world. Some believe that leaving the womb can be stressful, and this chiming sound from the Bola offers reassurance after the baby is born. Reminding the baby of the womb, it comforts them the same way a bottle or a soother might. This type of necklace can be a gift for the mother during the baby shower or the baby’s father.

How Else Do I Prepare for the Baby?

The pregnancy necklace trick may easily establish a bond between you and your babe! But there are many different things to share on FamilyApp that you can do before your little one arrives:

  • Be Healthy – Whether it’s getting exercise or eating fruits and vegetables, it’s important to prioritize your health. This can also mean not smoking, getting plenty of rest, and avoiding unhealthy foods like refined sugars and processed foods.
  • Get Organized – It’s important to prepare for the baby ahead of time. This can include everything from cleaning up the house to getting their room ready. You may even want to try the pregnancy necklace gender test to guess if it’s a boy or girl!
  • Go with the Flow – Babies, like children, have their own schedule. Instead of trying to control everything, take the process of pregnancy as it comes. You may even want to share tips with other parents on a family app.
  • Consider Your Birth Options – Whether you’re thinking about home birth or the hospital, make sure you have everything you need for the big day. Being ready will save you a lot of stress when it’s time for the baby to come!

Post-Pregnancy Jewelry

While some women love their pregnancy necklaces, others opt for jewelry after they’ve given birth. A push present can be a different type of pregnancy necklace (or earrings, bracelet, etc.) that’s a fun little treat after the baby arrives. While it’s usually the baby’s father who gives this gift, sometimes the older siblings will help pick out something special and be part of the experience.

When the baby’s a little bit older, many new moms love necklaces that can also function as teethers. They come in various colors and styles, ranging from the more understated baltic amber ones to these bright ones from chew beads. But in any form, this jewelry allows mothers to wear indestructible, baby-proof jewelry. They still need to be careful when wearing earrings, though!

Staying Calm During Pregnancy and Beyond

There are a lot of stresses that can go along with pregnancy. So you might want to try a pregnancy necklace to soothe your child. Or, you might want to try different methods. Different pregnancy books like The Happiest Baby on the Block have some great suggestions, too!

Do you have any tips for staying calm during pregnancy? Share your ideas with us in our comments! While parenthood requires plenty of preparation, there are ways to make everything run a little smoother.

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