Playground: The Perfect Place to Play for Kids of All Ages

Playground is Perfect Recreation Options

When it comes to fun, the playground isn’t just for kids! Today’s play space can be full of swings, obstacles, and climbing walls that appeal to people of all ages.

For a child or full-grown adult, there’s something to be said for getting out in the great outdoors. Whether it’s a school holiday or a weekend, there are many places for kids to play – and adults too! Whether you love swings, the challenge of a climbing wall or just running free, there’s a playground to please everyone.

kids on a playground

Playground: All the Places to Play

Getting outside is a great alternative to indoor activities and offers a place for kids to play. Luckily, many local play spaces offer a variety of benefits for all ages that you might not even know about! A traditional playground has many activities including seesaws, monkey bars, swings, and slides where children can play alone or with others. Natural play spaces that use the local landscape are becoming more popular. Instead of swing sets and jungle gyms, such a playground often contains trees, plants, and structures like picnic tables. They may also have winding trails and surround a river or a lake. While traditional playgrounds are great, natural play spaces – like a local or regional park – helps kids use their creativity.

Playground-Style Fun for Everyone!

kids on a playground

The typical playground may not be the ideal space for young adults and adults to hang out. Fortunately, many play spaces still offer a place for kids to play as they get older! Swings and climbing equipment can offer a challenge and even stimulate competition with kids and their friends. And, many places feature options that are sure to appeal to an older crowd. Whether for a birthday or a work event, an indoor playground is fun for any recreational enthusiast!

Looking for fun playgrounds worldwide? Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, the adult indoor play area Origins Parkour offers street running and buildering. Mount Mitte in Norway is another ideal place for adults with volleyball courts, a manmade beach, and a climbing wire course! For whatever your idea of fun, there’s a playground! Virginia Beach’s Hillier Fitness Park, which has features activities including adult-sized monkey bars, ropes, and parallel bars.

The Benefits of Playtime at a Playground

A playground might offer a place for kids to play, but there are many benefits associated with getting out excess energy. When children are quite young, play spaces can help them develop motor skills as they move through obstacles and develop coordination. For children between two and six, playing on jungle gyms and monkey bars can help them improve their physical agility. And, as kids get older, they can partake in the natural world and use their imagination. Fortunately, the benefits of taking the time out for fun don’t just stop with kids! A little bit of recreation can be the perfect way to take a break from a busy schedule. So a playground is always a great place for a family afternoon.

More Great Places To Play

Keeping kids entertained can be a struggle, but many family destinations feature kids’ games and a baby indoor play area! McDonald’s has long offered Playplaces where kids can cut loose and run free. Likewise, Chick-fil-A restaurants also have their own play spaces for the little ones. Many hotels and accommodations are getting in on the playground action too! Novotel Hotels & Resorts have many hotels around the world with a baby play area.

Whether it’s for a bit of exercise, a small slide, or building blocks, there’s a place for kids to play. There are also other accommodations that offer up fun. Howard Johnson’s in Anaheim, California features a wonderful waterpark while Quebec’s Hotel Jaro has a 7-story playground your kids will love.

From a traditional playground to indoor recreation centers, there’s plenty of fun to be had for all ages!

Where are your favorite play areas for kids to play in your community? Share below in our comments section, or find great play area ideas on FamilyApp. Whether you’re looking for a new local park or are heading off to travel, there are lots of options that offer up adventure!

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