6 Tips for Successful Hair Coloring at Home

DIY Hair Coloring at Home

There are many beauty routines we’ve had to forgo recently, but hair doesn’t have to be one of them. With hair coloring at home, you can be event-ready in no time!

Many of us are struggling with our beauty routines in the thrall of coronavirus lockdowns. Fortunately, you don’t have to give up on all of your favorite beauty tricks. If you’ve never dyed your hair before, it’s actually the perfect time to give it a try! With the right tools and a little conditioner, you’ll be on your way to a professional do. Be sure to share your hair coloring tips with other homebound stylists on your favorite family app!

Hair Coloring at Home: How to Dye Your Hair?

Easy hair coloring at home might seem impossible, but it’s really about having the right materials and following instructions! While you should refrain from dyeing at least seven days after a hair treatment, all you need is a few tools. Ensure you have two boxes of hair dye, a shower cap, and disposable gloves. You’ll also need some lip balm or moisturizer to apply to your hairline for any errant dye. Be sure to try the strand test ahead of time so you’ll get the right shade. While you might be tempted to try something new, your first at-home hair color is not the time for experimentation!

hair coloring at home

What Are Some Hair Coloring at Home Tips?

DIY hair coloring is a great beauty hack and also better than its reputation when you stick to these simple tips!

1. Follow the Instructions

It’s important to follow the instructions to a tee so you can ensure no mishaps. Be sure to complete a test, start with the roots, and leave on for the recommended time. Share your own hair coloring tips and tricks with others on FamilyApp!

2. Protect Your Skin while Hair Coloring at Home

When dyeing your hair at home, it’s pretty easy to get dye in the wrong place. Unfortunately, if it gets left, it can stain your skin and scalp. Before you get started, apply a layer of thick moisturizer or lip balm to your hairline, ears and neck area. If you do get dye in the wrong place, it will wash right off!

3. Start With Dry Hair

There’s a chance that the dye won’t take that well to your hair if it happens to be wet. Make sure you’re applying your hair color to clean, dry hair. This will provide the best hair coloring results!

4. Use More Mirrors!

A colorist may be able to see the back of your head when they’re dyeing your hair, but you won’t! That’s why having a second mirror where you can check things out is ideal when hair coloring at home. It means you won’t miss a spot!

5. Wipe up Spills Before They Set

There’s nothing worse than a splotch of dye on your wall or floor that you can’t remove. Make sure you have a wet paper towel or makeup removing wipes at the ready so hair coloring stains don’t set. Share your stain-removal ideas on your favorite family app!

6. Stay Away From Water When You Dye Your Hair at Home

Many people might think a shampoo is a culprit of hair color that fades fast,  but it’s actually water that causes dye molecules to leak out. Instead of losing your hue too soon, minimize the amount of rinse. You can also take a day off from shampoo or use dry shampoo as an alternative!

Coloring your hair at home might seem too complicated. But there are plenty of tips and tricks that can give you the professional results you’re looking for! By keeping it simple and following the instructions, you’ll be well on your way to a new inspired do. Do you have any hair coloring tips at home? Share them with us on FamilyApp’s Instagram or Facebook pages! You may not be able to see your stylist yet, but there’s no reason you can’t bring the dye to you!

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