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There’s more to a good workout than getting on the treadmill. Whether you go with aerial yoga or aqua fitness, get balanced and enjoy the benefits of floating fitness! Learn all about this fitness trend, here.

From hiking to running to kickboxing, there are plenty of ways to keep your mind healthy and your body fit! But, for many people, heart-pounding exercise can be a less favorable form of exercise. Fortunately, the benefits of balance-based fitness where you can really ‘float’ abound. Whether you choose aerial yoga, vertical barre workouts, or aqua fitness exercise, there are many options to cue up your body’s balance!

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What are Aerial Yoga Benefits?

Leaving the cardio machine might seem like a mistake, but you’re not missing out by choosing a balanced training workout! Whether aqua fitness exercises or aerial yoga, there are plenty of benefits associated with alternative options. Aqua exercise might seem like a breeze, but working against water will help you develop body strength. Since your body will have to constantly adjust to water, this will help to increase both agility and flexibility.

Aerial yoga is one of the newest trends in yoga-related fitness. Fortunately, there are also a variety of body benefits associated with this ‘attached’ activity. Yoga may be known for helping with breathing techniques and core strength, but Aerial Yoga also improves body alignment. Vertical barre workouts are also beneficial in helping to develop body strength and muscle tone. While all of these exercises offer a unique form of floating fitness, they’re also plenty of fun!

Aqua Fitness and Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga – A Floating Fitness Activity

Whether the novice or the enthusiast, there are plenty of places to start with exercises that will challenge your balance! If you’re looking for water-centered fitness, your local aqua fitness center will provide many opportunities for getting in the pool.

The newly popular Aerial Yoga combines Pilates, acrobatics, and dance for a workout that is truly challenging! Utilizing a swing or hammock, this fun sport allows you to do yoga in a relaxed, low impact way. Instead of the friction of the ground, you’ll be up in the air, free to float and find balance!

While many people might know the barre from ballet, vertical barre exercises can also challenge the body. This workout is fun, but it also builds strength and cardiovascular health through acrobatics, dance and performance art. Though less common than biking and hiking, floating fitness classes can provide an inspired change!

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Benefits Of Floating Fitness

Whether swimming or aqua fitness cardio exercises, water has long been popular as a low-impact fitness option. From knees to ankles, our joints take on many stresses, and water-centric workouts can alleviate many of these factors.

Water-based workouts can decrease stress which explains the popularity of oceanside vacations! Floating fitness options can also help with blood flow and lowering blood pressure due to increased circulation.

While yoga can be great for dealing with back problems, the results of Aerial Yoga can be even better. Since it’s even more low impact, it can help to alleviate neck pain, sciatica, and scoliosis. It’s just important to consult with your doctor first if you’re considering a new workout. Many exercises may not be ideal for those with certain conditions. If you think you might have health limitations, talk with a doctor before starting a new workout regime.

Aerial Yoga and Aqua Fitness

Have You Tried Aerial Yoga Or Aqua Fitness?

A hike or a bike ride can be fun, but it’s always great to take a break from the ordinary activities. If you’ve embarked on Aerial Yoga or aqua fitness exercise, let us know in our comments! Even better- tell friends and family on FamilyApp. Whether you need to reboot your workout or want to explore new health benefits, try out floating fitness!

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