6 Fun Activities with Grandchildren for Grandpas

Ideas for activities with grandchildren to bond

Spending time with grandpa is a memorable part of being a child. Whether you go fishing or catch a game, there are many fun activities with grandchildren to be shared!

One of the best parts of being a grandparent is the opportunity to teach your grandchildren a few life lessons. While parents may be responsible for enforcing discipline, grandparents can let loose and have fun with the kids! And, when it comes to grandpa, there are plenty of things he wants to share with his grandchild. Whether it’s home improvement, fishing or a sporting event, there are many activities with grandchildren to help you bond! Share your own ideas on your favorite family app.

Activities With Grandchildren: What Can I Do to Bond With My Grandkids?

There are plenty of grandpa activities with grandchildren that can make for the best of bonding experiences. From storytelling to celebrating over food, all that’s required is making the time!

1. Visit Your Favorite Restaurant With Your Grandchild

Your grandkid will most definitely learn a little bit about grandpa if you take them to your favorite place to eat! Visiting over a meal can be a great way to really get to know each other. Talk about your likes and dislikes, what go-to meals you had in your childhood or how food changed over time. If the children are a little older, one of the best activities with grandchildren can be making a meal together! If you’re not into cooking or baking you might want to heat up the BBQ.

2. Share the Family History

One of the best ways to share your life with your grandchildren is to share your stories. In all likelihood, the kid’s life is a lot different from yours! They can benefit from learning about your history, and understanding more about where they came from, too. Showing pictures or memorabilia will help children to get an idea about grandpa’s life.

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What Are Some Ideas for Entertaining Grandchildren?

Planned activities with grandchildren can be a way to share hobbies and teach them about the world. Tell us about your favorite things to do with your grandkids on FamilyApp!

3. Go to the Ball Game

Whether basketball, baseball or football, bonding over a sport you enjoy can be one of the best summer activities with grandchildren. Your grandkid will love getting into the game and learning a new sport. They’ll probably also love indulging in stadium treats alongside their grandpa and participating in a tailgate party!

4. Bond Over Books With Your Grandkids

If you have a favorite book from childhood that you’d love to share, read it with your grandchild. Whether it works as a bedtime story or for an older audience, you’ll both learn more about each other. If the children are younger, they’ll also have a chance to practice their newfound reading ability!

5. Outdoor Activities With Grandchildren – Go Fish!

If you’re an avid outdoorsman, fishing is one of the best activities with grandchildren you can do. There are a lot of skills to learn from buying bait to reeling in the big ones! A day on the water can be the kind of experience that a kid will not only enjoy at the moment but remember forever.

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6. Help With Home Improvements

Most grandpas out there have a knack for home repairs. What better way to spend time with your grandchildren than teaching them some of the common household tricks? Whether it’s painting, carpentry or simply using a hammer, they’ll learn a lot about maintenance and safety!

Activities With Grandchildren Improve Bonding

From fishing and home repairs to reading your favorite book, there are many great ideas to spend time with your grandchildren. The right activity can provide a perfect bonding experience that they’ll remember for a long time! Do you have an idea for activities with grandchildren that are fun for everyone? Share them with other grandparents in our comments! Whatever you decide to do, the important part is sharing the experience with the child.

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