Fit Firecracker Dad on the Street: Adam Pedicini

firecracker fit dad on the street adam pedicini

Whether he’s entertaining iFit users with his classic dad jokes, white water kayaking, or playing dress-up with his daughters, Fit Firecracker Dad Adam Pedicini is always up for a new adventure!

Meet Adam

Adam Pedicini, originally from Australia, now lives in Los Angeles with his wife and 2 girls. A modern-day lumberjack of sorts, he’s had an extensive career in the performing arts as an actor and dancer while working as a fitness presenter. Having lived around the world, he has a zest for travel, new cultures, and adventure sports. Never one to sit still, he’s competed in Ultrarunning races some as far as 240 miles, builds out Sprinter vans, and enjoys white water kayaking. His true joy is playing dress-up with his girls and taking the family camping.

Fit Firecracker Style

Which three words best describe your style? Firecracker, energy, fun.

What are your favorite places to work out? I view my fitness journey as a constant; it’s something I have done all my life and will continue to do. So I don’t prescribe to one specific place, method or style because my training goal is to be able to do as many different forms of training as possible like – long runs, powerlifting, gymnastics, breath work, animal flow, ball sports, you get the idea. My one true love is the outdoors, though. So, I’d have to say something that involves being on the beach, swimming, weights, and being in the water! And, of course, all done Australian style – IN SPEEDOS!!

What’s your best fitness advice? Don’t train like there’s an end game. Our fitness journeys will ebb and flow, and if we know it’s something we are going to do for the rest of our lives, we will find ways to make it enjoyable. Sure, tracking our progress is great. But I also believe that we can make it part of our lives when we just enjoy the process. I’ve trained a certain way for a year or two, then focussed on something else or learned a new movement or skill. Don’t pigeonhole yourself into one method or way of thinking.

What trend did you love at the time but now cringe when you see old photos? When I was in high school, it was cool to wear ‘Happy Pants’ big colorful jeans that flared out around your shoes, and I wore them with a turtleneck!! Horrendous!

Facial hair or clean-shaven? Before my first greys, I was all about facial hair, now… Clean-shaven!!

Fit Firecracker Adventures

What’s your favorite way to spend time with your family? We love to go camping. One of the best things I ever did was build out a Sprinter Van for us to go away in. I grew up camping, and it’s still some of the most memorable experiences I have of growing up. I like the simplicity of being in places with no phone coverage, no TV, and as few people as possible. It’s so easy to get caught up in life and not connect as a family. Being in the wilderness teaches us to connect, observe, have conversations and appreciate the everyday comforts.

What’s been your best family vacation? I grew up white water kayaking. Being on the river is one of my favorite places. Unfortunately, it’s a high-level skill, so white water rafting is a great family alternative. We’ve done one very easy raft trip when we just had Sequoia, and she was 2.5, and it was magical being on the river and sharing that experience as a family.

Fit Firecracker Family

What’s your favorite family activity? If we’re not able to go camping, we spend a lot of time at the beach. Being from Australia, I love to surf, and I’m doing my best to get the girls into it! I loved swimming growing up, and my eldest is showing a great natural ability to swim. So hopefully, down the track, I can spend more time in the water with my girls. Wifey doesn’t like the cold water as much!

What’s your go-to family dinner? I make a huge batch of bolognese!! Once it’s cooked, I usually make 4-5 containers worth that we can freeze. We then use it on baked sweet potato, nachos, pasta, tacos, salad, and my favorite – poach some eggs on top of it in a frying pan for breakfast!

What’s your favorite family restaurant? We don’t really eat out that much, but when we do, our eldest loves to talk to the waiter and ask questions!! But my wife loves pizza, so a nice pizza restaurant. It’s a special occasion so we’ll go somewhere nice.

Parenting Tips

Best parenting advice: I think when we become parents we assume the status that we are all-knowing and strong. I think we create a stronger bond and more meaningful family environment when we allow ourselves as parents to show our vulnerability and say when we don’t know something. For example, if I’m scared of, or know what one of my weaknesses is, instead of pretending or hiding it, I’ll talk about it with my kids.

Express what you are experiencing internally, so our children see us working through problems or issues. We are our children’s first source of guidance, instruction, and learned behaviour. If we share our internal process, it teaches them independence and shows kids how to approach difficult situations. Also communication, communication, communication!!! Don’t just say I’m busy; repeat what your kids are saying, so they feel heard. Tell them you’re just sending an email, SMS, cleaning, or whatever you are doing. Once that’s done, then you will play with them.

Parenting true confession: Oh boy!!!! I once fell asleep during the day, and our eldest left the house and walked down the street! Our neighbour found her and brought her back home!! It still makes me sick to think about it! It’s karma, though, because I did the same thing to my mum when I was two!

What’s your dad superpower? My imagination! My eldest is almost 4 and when she wants to play I’m all in! If it’s dress ups we do the hair, shoes, and more often than not, it’s makeup as well! Sometimes she wants me to make something, so I get all the tools out and make the best version I can! If I need to add a character voice as well, I’ll do that – she likes to hear a few options!!!

Fit Firecracker Life

What’s your favorite show to binge-watch? I love watching British dramas. Being an actor I’m quite critical of bad acting/stories so can’t watch anything trashy!!

If you could pick anyone to star as you in a movie based on your life, who would it be? I’ve never thought of this, but probably Brad Pitt! I have such a man-crush on that guy!!

What’s your favorite sport and why? White water kayaking! My mum was doing a kayaking course and my stepfather was the instructor when they met. So from an early age, I’ve been on the river. I love the community element, being outside, and I’ve travelled all over the world kayaking. It has a great combination of being very manageable, calm, and more about the journey to heart-stopping rapids and big waterfalls.

What’s your favorite workout song? No specific song, but I love listening to electronic music!

If you could hang out with anyone from history, living or deceased, who would it be? Hugh Jackman, I think it would be really cool to hang with. I’d love to go on a multi-day bushwalk, camp under the stars, and talk about all things entertainment, family, and being from Australia!!

What’s at the top of your travel bucket list? I’ve traveled to a lot of the world so far but I still need to see more of Asia and South America. But above all, I want to sail around the world with my family!

What’s your favorite way to unwind at the end of a long day? It seems these days there’s no end to the day and it’s just go to bed when I feel like I’m finished. But finding that good drama or mystery TV program is a great way to unwind.

We’re big fans of the passion and energy Adam exudes in everything he does. From ultrarunning races to family camping trips, he knows how to enjoy the important things in life and have a great time. And he also shares that enthusiasm with others through his fitness endeavors.

So be sure to check out his website or follow him on social to stay up-to-date with his latest adventures. And for more inspiring dads, be sure to check out FamilyApp’s Dad on the Street!

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