Chic Baker Mom on the Street Bailey Potterf

Bailey Potterf’s baking hobby has quickly become her life passion. Read on to learn more about this Chic Baker Mom on the Street, who juggles her business and family life with grace and creativity.

Meet Bailey

Bailey was a stay-at-home mom looking for a passion or hobby that would add a special spark to her life. In 2020 her baking hobby quickly became a business, Ginger Sweets. Though challenging at times, she is grateful to have a job where she can stay at home with her children while making perfectly-shaped and tastefully simple macarons for her community to enjoy.

Chic Baker Business

When did you start up Ginger Sweets, and what made you interested in creating your own baking business?

My second daughter was born in April 2020. had just started to come out of the postpartum funk and realized that I didn’t have any hobbies. I really didn’t do anything other than take care of my kids and just try to make it through the day. I have always watched baking shows, so I thought, maybe I’ll try baking.

I tried cakes, bread, cookies, and eventually macarons. I was hooked on macarons since the first attempt. I wanted to get it right, so I baked about 30 batches before I got anything remotely edible. When they started to get decent, I sent them into work with my husband. A friend of ours called me and was like, “Bailey, we will buy these from you.” December 2020 Ginger Sweets was born! 

Have you always enjoyed baking?

I have always enjoyed baking; I just didn’t want to do it regularly. When I began baking for “me time,” I really started to enjoy it and use it as an outlet. 

What made you focus on mainly making macarons?

I decided to focus on macarons mainly because I like the challenge. Macarons are the most difficult cookie you can bake. At first, it was just trying to conquer something challenging, but the. I figured if I could get them down, I would have a product that’s sought after. Business-wise, it’s smart to have a product people want but can’t find, right? I also love their diversity. Macarons can literally be flavored a million different ways. Flavors constantly change with the seasons, so the constant rotation of flavors makes them so fun. 

Family Support and Lifestyle

Do your husband, family, and friends support your business? How so?

Our good friends, Hailey and Jonah, were the only reason I started! I would have never even thought to sell macarons if it wasn’t for them. My friends and family have encouraged me and supported me by ordering macarons. Even if it’s not paying for goods, they are always sharing, liking, and posting about my business on social media, which is huge. My husband is my number one fan and has always pushed me when I needed it. I always doubt myself and what I’m capable of, and my husband is always there with the encouragement that I need.

He’s the backbone of Ginger Sweets, always willing to help, whether it’s packing macarons, putting stickers on, setting up at markets, and keeping the kids away so I can bake. I appreciate him so much. 

It looks like you are a military spouse and SAHM. How does your business go well with this lifestyle?

I am a stay-at-home mom, and my husband is in the navy. My husband was actually gone nine months out of my first year of business. It’s been an insane year. Baking has been my getaway from reality. It is something I genuinely enjoy, and while my husband is gone, I had to have something for myself. My oldest goes to school, and my youngest naps, so the only time I have to bake is nap time and bedtime. A few other macaron bakers and I call ourselves the nap time bakers.

Life is crazy sometimes, but sometimes being busy is better than just sitting watching the time tick by. As far as jobs go, baking from home is an incredible job for a stay-at-home parent! It’s everything I could ask for. You get to be home with your kids as much as you’d like, and I would recommend it to everyone!

Business Rewards, Challenges, and Goals

What are some of the most rewarding and challenging parts of owning your own business?

The most rewarding part of Ginger Sweets is people’s reactions to my macarons. Going to markets, I have repeat clients show up 30 minutes early, so they don’t miss out, and people come up to my table saying, “I’ve been following you on Instagram forever,” or “I’ve been trying to get some for a long time.” One client told me that she has traveled through Europe and eaten macarons in 10 countries and mine are the best she has had… That’s CRAZY! My clients are absolutely incredible. They constantly show up for me. I couldn’t be thankful enough for that support. Fortunately, I have sold out almost every market I’ve been to, and I leave almost in tears every time. The fact that this is real. I get to do a job I love, and people love what I have! It’s extremely rewarding. 

The most challenging part would be managing family life with work life. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in work. I spend way too much time on my phone, as most people do. I have to make a point to take social media breaks and just put my phone away and be with my family. 

What has been your favorite flavor or order of macarons you’ve ever created?

My favorite flavor macaron I’ve ever made was key lime pie! Key lime buttercream with key lime curd and graham cracker crumble. I also make character macarons as well. My favorite set of characters is definitely Bob’s Burgers from one of my favorite shows. I made the Belcher family. It was soo much fun to create the characters in macaron form. 

What are some of your goals for the future?

I just filed for my LLC and am waiting to hear back, which I’m super excited about. I’d love to hire an employee in the next few years. I would love to bake and create and have someone else do the dishes! I hate the dishes. But really, just someone else to help me with the tedious more business-related stuff would be incredible, especially when my husband is gone. As of now, I don’t have any huge plans for Ginger Sweets. I bake because I love it. I don’t ever want to get to a point where I’m so stressed out that I stop enjoying my job. 

Where/how can people purchase your macarons and find you on social media?

Right now, all my business is through Instagram! My handle is @_gingersweets. I take custom orders, do random drops, and sell at markets regularly. I am a cottage bakery in Norfolk, VA! I’m currently working on getting approval from the Department of Agriculture to be able to ship macarons. I’m hoping to finish that up by March of 2022, which will make it possible for more people to get my macarons. 

Chic Baker Style

Which three words best describe your style?

Athletic, mom chic, granola 

What are your favorite places to shop? 

My favorite places to shop would definitely be Lululemon and Target. I mean, what mom do you know who doesn’t like Target?

Who’s your favorite style icon?

My style icon would definitely be Adam Sandler.

What’s your best style advice?

Wear whatever you want. I think people spend too much time trying to wear what’s acceptable or what they think other people will like. Just wear clothes that make you happy! 

What article of clothing/accessory would you not want to live without?

I could not live without my favorite sweatpants and my husband’s t-shirts. Ultimate comfort outfit right there. There’s nothing like coming home and throwing on the baggiest articles of clothing you own. Also, my lucky macaron earrings! I’ve worn them to every market! 

Which trend would you want to see make a comeback?

I would love to see the side part and teased hair come back in style. Maybe the feather hair extensions too. Those were glorious in high school. 

What should NEVER make a comeback?

What definitely shouldn’t come back is low-rise pants. My mom-pooch could NEVER. Please don’t do that to my self-esteem. 

What fashion/style did you love at the time but now cringe when you see old photos?

I loved the pink yoga pants with the giant sequence fold at the top! Those were incredible in high school. 

Stilettos or flats?

Definitely flats. Converse and Birkenstocks are my go-to for every outfit. 

Chic Baker Family

What’s your favorite way to spend time with your family?

I didn’t grow up an outside person, but my husband has really made going outside and in nature fun and special for all of us. We like fishing, walks, swimming, anything as long as it’s outside.

What’s been your best family vacation?

Last summer, we went on a little weekend trip to Charlottesville, VA. We all loved it! We spent the weekend touring the hills and orchards! There was a beautiful spot overlooking the valley where we had peach cider slushies and apple cider donuts! 

Best parenting advice:

You gotta do what you gotta do!! Life motto right there. 

What’s your go-to family dinner?

Go to family dinner is definitely pizza and will always be pizza. 

What’s your favorite family restaurant?

Going out to dinner with kids is impossible! Honestly, we just don’t go out to eat enough to have a favorite. Lol, small kid problems.

Chic Baker Life

What’s your favorite show to binge-watch?

Game of Thrones. My husband and I are obsessed and have watched it through at least six times. 

If you could pick anyone to star as you in a movie based on your life, who would it be?

Ooooh, that’s a good one. I would definitely say, Jennifer Lawrence. She’s got the real person vibe. Like she’s not too stuck up. You know? 

What’s your favorite beach read?

My favorite beach read would most definitely be Harry Potter. My husband’s parents read it to them nightly, so we started the tradition with our daughter. The problem is I want to keep going! -4 pages a night isn’t enough for me. Harry Potter is the best. 

What song would you dance to when nobody’s watching? 

My music style is so all over the place. John Mayer is my favorite artist, so probably something from any of his albums. 

If you could go shopping with anyone from history, living or deceased, who would it be?

Omg, I love Guy Fieri from Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. I would love to hang out and go shopping with him. Does grocery shopping count? Lol 

What’s at the top of your travel bucket list?

I want to go to Iceland! My husband and I have never had a honeymoon, so I would love to stay in an igloo and go dog sledding just the two of us at some point. It looks absolutely dreamy. 

What’s your favorite way to unwind at the end of a long day?

I like to watch The Crazy Lamp Lady thrifting videos on YouTube at night. My husband hates them, but they’re so so relaxing to me! I curl up with my heated blanket and popcorn and do nothing. 

Ginger sweets Lifestyle

We love how Chic Baker Mom on the Street Bailey Potterf has shaped her business around making delicious and creative macarons for her community, friends, and family. Be sure to check out Bailey’s business, Ginger Sweets on Instagram.

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