The Best Sun-Protective Clothing and Gear for Summer

sun-protective clothing

It’s always an uphill battle to protect yourself from sun damage. Yet, fighting sun damage is a battle worth winning. And sun-protective clothing and gear provide an essential shield. 

Taking protective measures now will help shield your skin and eyes from harmful UV rays. Preventing this exposure can protect against skin cancer, sunburn, UV radiation, and other harmful effects from the sun. No matter your skin type, taking measures to protect yourself from the sun’s ultraviolet light is important.

Fortunately, sun protection does not need to be complicated, but it should go beyond using sunscreen. Sun-protective clothing, umbrellas, hats, swimwear, and more are all great ways to get protection, even if you don’t know the difference between UPF and SPF.

What’s the Best Sun-Protective Clothing?

When the sun comes out, you could hide your skin in long sleeve shirts. Fortunately, there is no need. Some clothing has UV sun protection built-in. You are probably familiar with SPF (sun protective factor) from sunscreens, but you may not be as familiar with UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). UPF is a measurement used for sun protective fabric. Clothing with UPF 50 will block out approximately 98% of the sun’s UV rays. When looking for sun protection clothing, be sure to pay attention to the UPF.

Lark makes adorable women’s and children’s t-shirts that not just look cute but have anti-UV properties that prevent sun damage without the use of SPF sunscreen. No one will guess your clothing is anything but an ordinary t-shirt if you chose wisely. Others prefer very lightweight long sleeve shirts to provide sun protection. What you wear makes a difference, even if you do not choose UV clothing.

Cabana Life has adorable dresses, loungewear, swimwear, and more that provide ultraviolet protection outdoors. This high-style clothing not only looks great, but it feels great knowing that you are preventing skin cancer and sunburn while wearing it. Cabana Life also uses high-quality fabric to make their sun-protective clothing with a high UPF rating.

Seek Out Shade

One of the easiest ways to protect yourself from the sun is to seek out shade whenever possible. This sun protection is free and just requires a little thought. Protecting yourself from sun damage can be as easy as walking on the shady side of the street. Eating under a sun umbrella or patio umbrella at your favorite café instead of eating in full sun is an easy choice once you think about the protective benefits.

But sun umbrellas and patio umbrellas aren’t just for restaurants or rain. An umbrella makes a great addition to your backyard or patio. Get a sun umbrella with the largest canopy that your yard can accommodate to provide maximum protection from the sun for the most people.

An umbrella with an aluminum frame will be easier to move around your yard as needed. It will also act as a sun blocker wherever you need protection. Make your umbrella windproof by adding a heavy base. Asda and Walmart have some options at a good price. L.L. Bean is another great place to look for a sun umbrella. If you don’t have an outdoor table consider a large cantilever umbrella for great outdoor shade and protection.

Canopy fabric like Sunbrella will resist fading the most, but it’s not necessary to provide sun protection if you need to keep the price down.

sun-protective clothing

A Hat Is Essential Sun-Protective Clothing

Hats are another way to create sun-safe protection. Look for a hat with a wide brim. The brim can be stiff or floppy as long as it covers your face. Many will give you a sleek, retro look. If you prefer a different look, favorite designers, including Lilly Pulitzer, make adorable hats that protect you from the sun. Coolibar makes hats in all styles rated as UPF 50, so you get twice as much protection!

For newborns and children, bucket hats provide good protection. Look for hats with a strap to ensure they stay on. As a bonus, look for a cute pattern like gingham, such as the Flap Happy from Maisonette.

The Right Swimwear

Swimwear can also be sun-protective clothing. Many swimsuits come with SPF, or UPF rated protection. Most of Snapper Rock’s swimsuits have a protective rating of SPF 50 for both adult and children’s suits.

It may not be everyone’s style, but swimsuits that provide more coverage provide more sun protection. A one-piece or tankini will be more protective than an itty-bitty bikini.

Sun-Protective Clothing and Essentials at the Beach

Sunscreen is a must for the beach. Waterproof sunscreen with an SPF 50 is best. However, sunscreen is often not enough, especially if swimming.

A rash guard that looks like a long sleeve t-shirt but is waterproof and contains UV protection is a great way to prevent skin cancer, prevent sunscreen, and otherwise stay protected from the sun. Some rash guards look like t-shirts made from waterproof fabric. Others are zip-up for those who like to take them on and off quickly. Cover-ups are also a must. UV Skinz has adorable cover-ups that are great on and off the beach with a UPF 50 rating.

Considering bringing a folding parasol or compact beach umbrella. Sunglasses are another must for the beach!

sun-protective clothing at the beach

Remember Your Eyes

The sun’s UV light can also damage your eyes. If you have lighter or blue eyes, eye protection is especially important.

Fortunately, this is a simple problem to solve. Chose your lenses wisely! While the color and shape of your lens do not matter much, look for a “UV” sticker on one lens to indicate that your sunglasses provide essential UV protection. Bigger frames and lenses can provide additional UV protection.

Wearing sunglasses with UV protection coating on their lenses is the best way to protect your eyes from the sun. However, hats with a wide brim can also provide necessary protection from UV light exposure. Sunglasses and hats are both great summer accessories and provide sunshade on the go.

When deciding how much sun protection you need on a given day, you may want to check the UV index. The higher the UV exposure rating for the day, the more protective measure you will want to take year-round. 

When adding protective items to your cart, look for free shipping for your protective clothing and other sun protection items to bring the price of these necessities down! While you’re at it, be sure to share your favorite finds and bargains with friends and family on FamilyApp.

Sun safety is a necessity when spending any time outdoors. Your body and eyes will thank you for protecting them from UV rays!


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