The 10 Best Children’s Christmas Gifts this Holiday Season

Best Children’s Christmas Gifts

Still looking for the perfect children’s Christmas gifts? It’s not too late! Whether your child cooks or is learning their ABCs, they’ll love unwrapping these!

The holiday season may be a fun time to spend with family and friends. But, it’s also a time for trying to find the kind of gifts your children will love! From educational toys to fun stuffed animals, there are new toy trends every year that are perfect under the tree. If you’re looking for the best children’s Christmas gifts this year, get some inspiration from some of our ideas.


tool bench children's Christmas gifts


What are the best toys for toddlers?

Whether you’re looking for something educational or fun, there are plenty of children’s Christmas gifts ideas this holiday season! From funky puzzles to toy tools, these toddler toys will be kid-approved.


  • Melissa & Doug Jumbo ABC Wooden Puzzle – Get your kids started on learning the alphabet with this fun, oversized wooden puzzle! Each unique block contains a picture that starts with a letter of the alphabet. It makes for a great way to learn letters and put words together!


  • Kids in Action by Greg & Steve –This kids album will get your toddler doing what they love best: toddling! With songs like ‘Beanie Bag Dance’ and ‘Goin’ On a Bear Hunt’, your kids will love singing and dancing along.


  • Green Toys Tool Set – These unique tools will inspire your son or daughter to want to build. But, another great thing about them is that they’re eco-friendly! Made with 100% recycled milk jugs, they’re the perfect children’s Christmas gift for an environmentally conscious kid.


  • My Own Leaptop – It can be hard to know when to get your kid engaged with technology. Luckily, this little laptop from Leapfrog is a goodplace to start for those aged 2-4. With learning modes like ABCs, Games andMusic, your toddler will love tapping away.


Dr. Seuss beginner book collection


What are some top toys for 2018?

Whether its artsy items or beginner books, there are plenty of children’s Christmas gifts 2018 has made popular. You can even share these great ideas with other parents on FamilyApp!


  • Luvabella – Most young girls have aspecial place in their heart for their favorite doll. Luckily, Luvabella is slated to be pretty popular this holiday season. In addition to being able to play and eat, Luvabella can learn words like a real baby!


  • Dr. Seuss Beginner Books Collection – Not a newcomer to a child’s library, these books have great staying power. There are few books better to start with than Dr. Seuss! And, this beginner collection features all the old favorites like The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham. Where children’s Christmas gifts are concerned, this one will be popular for years.


  • Pomsies – Everyone knows that kids love stuffed animals. But, Pomsies are the stuffed animal that your child can take along with them! With super-soft fur and toy clips, kids can carry these fluffy creatures on their backpack or clothes.




children's Christmas gifts


More great children’s Christmas gift ideas

It might seem difficult to hold the interest of your grade-schooler. Fortunately, from cooking to crayon melting, there areplenty of children’s Christmas gifts online that they’ll love!


  • Good Housekeeping Kids Cook! – Some kids really love getting in the kitchen, so what better way to encourage it than a cookbook? With more than 100 recipes tochoose from, this will get your kid in the apron and excited about food.


  • Unstable Unicorns – Unicorns may be experiencing a lot of popularity these days. Fortunately, this game plays on that by pitting up to six kids against each other to build a unicornarmy. This is among the children’s Christmas gifts that are perfect for the unicorn lover in your family!


  • Crayon Melter – For kids 8 and older, this gift is the perfect choice for those who love to mess with their toys. This gift conveniently melts crayons so they can be used as drawable wax for avariety of items.

From learning toys to unique games, there are plenty of children’s Christmas gifts that will appeal to every child. Do you have any great gift ideas for your children this holiday season? Please share them in our comments! For whatever your child’s interests are, there’s something out there they’ll be sure to love.

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