awkward conversations

Mastering the Awkward Conversations

Mastering awkward conversations is a large part of this Pandemic Curriculum. Situations that used to be assumed, such as school, or going to the beach, now require people to be honest, vulnerable, and respond with empathy. ... Read More
relationship advice divorce lawyer. love tips for happy marriage

Love and Relationship Advice from a Top Divorce Attorney

In life, a couple doesn’t plan a romantic wedding with the expectation of getting a divorce. However, the grim statistic is that almost 50 percent of marriages in America will end in either divorce or separation. If you feel that you need tips to divorce-proof your marriage, we sat down with Jennifer Mullett, a top Virginia divorce lawyer for her love tips and relationship advice to lower the chances of breaking up. ... Read More
date night in - romantic dinner

Romantic Tips for a Date Night In

The coronavirus may have dampened date night out, but it doesn’t have to ruin your date night in. It’s no surprise that the secret to a happy marriage takes work and continuous effort. In essence, keeping the romance alive fosters intimacy. ... Read More