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There are numerous cases of influenza in the US this season. During this time we like to fall back on tea for colds. But a look at the tea shelf reveals that there are a lot of different kinds of tea. Find out which tea helps with a cold here!

The all-rounder: herbal tea for colds

If we have a cold, we like to use herbal teas. They are a proven household remedy and their beneficial effect makes them perfect for our weakened immune system. But which herbs are best for coughs, sore throats and the like?

The classic: Camomile tea for colds

Camomile tea helps with inflammations in the respiratory tract, for example pneumonia or bronchitis. Camomile has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. Chamomile tea also alleviates gastrointestinal complaints and helps with digestive problems.

The power of ginger

Ginger also has an anti-inflammatory effect and is a true immune system booster thanks to its high vitamin C content. In China, ginger has been known as a medicinal plant for centuries, as it contributes to the recovery of many ailments. Ginger tea is not only suitable for colds, but also for gastrointestinal complaints or headaches.

Tip: If ginger alone is too hot, you can add a little honey to your tea.

Sage tea for colds

For those who suffer from coughing and sore throat, we recommend the intake of sage tea. Sage has a calming effect on the irritated mucous membranes and soothes the cough irritation. If you don’t want to drink sage tea because of its somewhat bitter note, you can simply use it for gargling.

Fennel tea for colds

With its expectorant effect, fennel is a proven remedy for coughing. Due to its antibacterial effect it is also a real helper for all other symptoms of colds.

Elderflower tea helps with the sniffles

If paranasal sinuses and nasal mucosa are inflamed, then elderflower tea creates relief. This is anti-inflammatory and sweat-inducing. Due to its valuable ingredients, it is particularly effective against colds.

Rosehip tea, peppermint tea and thyme tea are also suitable for combating colds. Of course, all other teas can also be drunk during the cold season. Especially during this time, the body must be supplied with sufficient liquid – and a warm (herbal) tea is best suited for this.

Making tea for colds

Of course there is a large selection of different teas in the supermarket, but especially with herbal teas you would like to have fresh herbs from your own garden.

So that we can brew the loose tea without problems, we reach for the tea strainer or infuser. But who doesn’t know it? Again and again parts of the herbs float in the tea, when using plastic tea strainers you have an unpleasant plastic taste or the tea ball simply does not remain where it actually belongs after taking it out.

Exactly these and other points amapodo have taken up and developed a teapot and tea glass with which you can easily brew your tea. And absolutely environmentally friendly!


The amapodo tea glass and teapot

In the following we want to briefly present you the advantages of the amapodo tea glass and teapot:

  • The high and wide tea strainer allows the water to circulate around the tea and thus unfold its best taste, bitter teas and simple aromas are history.
  • The tea strainer and the bamboo lid are the same size, so they fit on both the tea glass and the teapot.
  • The bamboo lid immediately serves as storage for the tea strainer.
  • Enough space for your tea with more than 23 fl oz. (700 ml) and 37 fl oz. (1100 ml) gross volume
  • Every tea glass and every teapot is a handmade unique item.
  • Use of natural materials: borosilicate glass, stainless steel and bamboo, therefore BPA-free, antimagnetic, tasteless, food safe and recyclable.

If you are as enthusiastic about the tea accessories as we are, you can support amapodo’s Kickstarter campaign here: The Ultimate Teapot and Tea Glass from amapodo

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