Santa Claus origins and history

The History of Santa Claus: The Man Behind the Beard

We all know the story of the jolly old Santa Claus of the North Pole. One of the most magical characters in American folklore– but is he truly American? The modern image of the man we know and love has certainly been shaped by American culture, but his roots are far deeper than our nation’s short history. Read more to learn about the history of Santa Claus and how he’s changed over the years. ... Read More
Giving Tuesday - rough handwriting in a spiral art sketchbook against fall background of dry leaves, berries, cones and crab apples

Giving Tuesday: Ways to Get the Whole Family Involved!

Did you save a lot of money taking advantage of those Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals? Feeling thankful in the aftermath of Thanksgiving? Then what better way to give back to others than through Giving Tuesday! Read on to learn more about this day and some great charities you and your family can support. ... Read More