checklist with baby items

Baby Items And Gear – Our Must-Haves

It seems like everybody has an opinion or two about what you absolutely must get for your new baby- and all of these options are different! So here are some helpful tips on the must-have baby items you need, and everything else. Bottom line: less is more. ... Read More
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9 Tips For How To Host A Clothing Swap

Want to minimize your possessions but it just seems so hard to let go of all your beloved treasures? Josie Ortega reports on a sure-fire way to jumpstart your decluttering and gives useful tips for hosting a clothing swap. ... Read More
Jet Set Bohemian Mom on the Street Mai Trinh family

Jet Set Bohemian Mom on the Street: Mai Trinh

Jet Set Bohemian Mom on the Street Mai Trinh always seems to be on-the-go. She runs her own business, provides wellness training to her many clients, manages the schedules of three busy kids, and stays active in her community. All this while looking radiant and gorgeous!  ... Read More