10 March 2021 (updated)

How to Sync Your Calendar with the FamilyApp Calendar

The FamilyApp calendar is a fantastic tool to simplify and coordinate your activities. But did you know you can also sync existing calendars with it? Whether you're using Google, Android, or Microsoft, here are some simple steps to integrate your calendars into one.

FamilyApp calendar interface

How To Sync Your Existing Calendar With FamilyApp

Getting started syncing your old and new calendars is easier than you think!

  • First, click on the calendar icon at the bottom of your main FamilyApp screen.
  • Once you're on the calendar screen, click the top left settings icon. It looks like a cog or wheel.
  • Now you see the calendar settings. Scroll down to see ADD A CALENDAR in green. Hit that.
  • You now enter another screen where you can choose your account type, for example Google.
  • Hit Continue on the next screen. You will then reach another one for the Google integration.
  • Enter your e-mail or telephone number and password¬† for your Google Account. You can also create a whole new account there if you like!
  • Access Google's data privacy statement and you will see this screen:
sync google calendar

Success! You've just finishes to sync your Google calendar with FamilyApp's! Now it's easier than ever to add the right people to your group events and family activities.

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