It’s time to get smart about online safety

What’s your is yours. Let’s keep it that way.

Safety from start to finish

We’ve taken every measure possible to keep your digital home safe.

Private by Design

We realize people needed a safe place to connect with their loved ones without the risk of personal information getting into the wrong hands. Your precious photos, busy calendars, and private conversations stay in the family. Our promise of safety begins the moment you download FamilyApp.

End-to-End Encryption

The contents of your messages are only visible to you and your family; no one else can see them, including the FamilyApp team. The security system locks each of your chats, allowing only those included in the message to see what’s going on. You’ve got the keys, not us. FamilyApp protects your information and shields you from the bad guys– even the ones you didn’t know existed.

Enterprise-Grade Networking

Using enterprise networking models as our foundation, we trust you to set the rules for your family communications. Because this is programmed in at the lowest levels, there’s no way to centralize control of data flowing to your family on our network. The best part? You decide who can access your family information.

Protecting all Generations

Our patent-pending network has built-in safeguards for information sharing, from your initial login to your group chats with service providers. This means you get the best online service without fear that advertisers could exploit your kids’ or elders’ personal data.

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