Quick Start Guide

Welcome to FamilyApp, we’re glad you’re here.

We’ve worked hard to make FamilyApp into a simple operating system that every family can enjoy. But don’t be fooled — there’s a lot packed away under the hood. Simple doesn’t mean less. As you start setting up your family on FamilyApp, follow along with our 5-step quick start guide to get going as quickly as possible


Create your FamilyApp profile


Download FamilyApp for Free

You’ll be asked to type your name and choose a profile picture (the funnier the better!). It’s as simple as that.


Set up your family

After selecting “New Family,” you’ll be asked for three things: your family’s name, your best family photo, and the name you want to have displayed within the family chat (i.e. dad, mom, uncle Jerry, etc.)


Invite your family members

FamilyApp will ask your permission to sync your phone contacts to the app. Don’t worry, no one gets spammed. This simply makes inviting friends and family a little easier. Once everyone’s downloaded the app, have them follow along with steps 1 & 2. If you’ve sent a direct invite link to a family member, they’ll automatically join your family or group.


Manage your family

Once everyone has joined, you’re good to go! You’re the admin, so if you want to add more family members later, you’ll have everything you need to manage who has permission to join your family under the chat settings. Make the space yours — it’s for your family only.

Let’s get started

If you’re hung up on any of the steps above, check out our Tips Page for more in-depth instruction on setting up your Families, Groups, Topic-Based Chats and more.