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Own a family topic! Serve families better than any others in your market by offering private messaging programs. FamilyApp brings new context to your existing content.


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Messaging services are available to meet your business objectives. For example, we can drive awareness of what your business has to offer families through FamilyApp Discover, and increase customer engagement through FamilyApp Chat.

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Awesome Reach
With the help of deep machine learning, we’ll work with you to create a winning content plan hitting top search positions for topics relevant to your brand and market segment. Our micro-influencer network will amplify your content.
In the Family
Know what families want! Our proprietary “family knowledge graph” forms the foundation for all content on FamilyApp Discover. It’s been created over 2 years so we can deliver the most relevant and contextual messaging in search and in-app.
Brand Safety
Join brands taking a stand for data quality and privacy! Our network takes privacy seriously for both consumers and brands. This approach delivers authenticity and trust. There’s no click-bait here (which doesn’t work in voice search or Big-Tech algorithms anyhow 😀)

Success Stories

FamilyApp users tend to be young parents, with interest in food, fashion, activities and family stories. Check out how businesses and organizations are standing out on FamilyApp Discover today!

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Allison Grant

Families care about quality content from brands like yours!

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FamilyApp Chat

We’ve gone the distance and developed a platform for your brand to deliver amazing new customer experiences for the whole family! You can offload compliance to us by providing FamilyApp to customers. Providers experience the built-in network effect of connecting with the whole family or group. Some great examples of chat programs we’re currently building for providers include delivery services, recipes & shopping lists, maintenance reminders, allowance & chores, and much more!

Standardized Data
Add a new channel for your media and articles related to family on FamilyApp Discover. Whether recipes, events, or location, you can embed private messaging services leveraging existing enterprise data.
By integrating with your marketing and service platforms we create a new family channel to accelerate your business. This approach enables differentiated offerings that are frictionless secure, messenger-based transactions.
Dependent Users
Our patent-pending networking model explicitly supports dependent users. As a FamilyApp Provider you can offer services to the whole family with the explicit involvement of parents, guardians, and caregivers. Say “hello” to outsourced compliance on a channel you own!

Direct Connect

FamilyApp messaging is decentralized. It’s built to deal in first-party data and encrypted data streams. This means that when a family connects with your business, those interactions belong to you and your customer. We simply provide the communications platform for you to connect directly and deliver contextual messaging for the greatest appeal to your intended audience. Want to learn more about our patent-pending approach?

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