modern professional mom Alyce Phinney

Modern Professional Mom on the Street: Alyce Phinney

Whether she’s focusing on new business development, volunteering or lovingly spending time with her boys, Modern Professional Mom on the Street Alyce Phinney wears her many roles stylishly! She is the perfect example of both a high-level professional and a devoted mother. ... Read More
Tailored Diplomat Mom Melisa Donham Welch and family

Tailored Diplomat Mom on the Street: Melissa Donham Welch

Tailored Diplomat Mom on the Street Melissa Donham Welch has the gift for putting people at ease with her warmth and genuine smile. Whether she’s wearing a stunning ballgown for an embassy event or moving her family to the next global adventure, Melissa embodies a classic American well-tailored style wherever she goes. ... Read More