joy in solitude morning sunrise

Finding Joy in Solitude

During these challenging times, you might be yearning for more feel-good moments so you can be more joyful. Though it is vitally important to keep in touch with friends to increase your happiness,  you can also find solace and joy in reveling in solitude. ... Read More
family member struggles with addiction tips

When a Family Member Struggles With Addiction

The holidays are often a time of happy family togetherness, but for those with loved ones struggling with addiction, they can be more complicated. Here are 5 tips to help those friends and family during the holidays from Amelia Peck, LMFT. ... Read More
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12 Ways to Spark Joy Without Tidying Up a Thing

Marie Kondo has inspired millions with her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Netflix series, and her KonMari method for organizing, but there are plenty of other ways to spark joy – no tidying up required! Here are a few to get you started. ... Read More