5 Steps to Wash Your Hands

5 Steps to Washing Your Hands So It Matters

The recent spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has mobilized the medical world and healthcare providers to produce testing, treatments, and a vaccine. In the meantime, public health officials urge everyone to do keep doing what our preschool teachers taught us to do in order to prevent the spread of infection: Wash your hands. ... Read More
What is really dirty?

Kids, Bugs, and Germs…What is Really Dirty?

(Note: dirty keyboard was Lysol-wiped multiple times in the typing of this article) I’m home with a child who has strep (again ) with an added bonus of Flu B. We’ve sat in the urgent care or the Pediatrician’s office on five separate occasions in 6 weeks. Co-pays aside, have I become a living petri dish? ... Read More