01 October 2020 (updated)

Homeschool Tips for COVID-19: You Can Do It!

Until a few weeks ago, many of us have taken our educational system for granted, unaware that we would ever need homeschooling tips or have to teach a real classroom lesson!  So FamilyApp CEO and homeschooling pioneer Peter Kraus has put together this resource including some of his best tips to stay safe and sane as he engages in COVID-19 homeschool.

Peter's Homeschool Tips

Strap in for the ride, new homeschoolers! Your homeschooling journey might just turn into the best memories of one-on-one time with your child. As we're getting through each day I'm posting short video clips of ideas to make the most of this time with your family.  These aren’t typical homeschool resources or curriculum from those perfect homeschooling moms, but straight talk from a guy who is right there with you struggling to remember everything from phonics to the Phoenicians and figure out online lesson plans and learning.  I’m really just relaying great advice from my parents and siblings as we recall homeschooling as a child years ago through high school education. Many years from now you’ll look back cherish this unexpected homeschool year.