For parents

Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays are special! Collaborate with the family about gift ideas, venue locations and more with topic-based chats to keep communication simple.

Artwork / Homework Digital Archive

  • Never lose those priceless paintings or projects again! Just snap a picture and upload it to your family’s digital archive-- No more disorganized boxes collecting dust in the attic.
  • Digitize your child’s homework sheets, reading notes, study guides and more. School has never been more organized!

Allowance and Chores

  • Make sure you never skip (or overpay) on allowance day by keeping track of everything on a dedicated allowance chat!
  • Stay organized with who’s in charge of what by uploading chore charts, task lists and more.

Shopping lists and meal planning

Streamline your grocery visits by keeping track of the items you need, the items you don’t need, and everything else that comes to mind last-minute.