The messaging service that strengthens your family

See why FamilyApp is different

Everyone’s included
With FamilyApp, you can safely connect the whole family — children, grandparents, and those who might as well be family!
Message uniformity
No matter your cell provider or device preference, group messages are the same for everyone. Say goodbye to those pesky split group texts.
Your family data archive
Priceless photos and messages will never disappear. Everything you need is stored privately within your family's chat until you say otherwise.

Private message boards

Private message boards

With FamilyApp, each of your conversations is only accessible to those involved. This isn’t a social network where you follow people! You decide who’s in and who’s out. All families, groups and chats come with a unique set of keys, and only existing chat members can grant the access.

Organized conversations

Organized conversations

Easily flip between family chats, group chats and other topic-related chats with the touch of a finger. Our encrypted chats allows you to see everything you missed while you were away, who's online and who's reading what. With notifications and pins you won't have to hunt down important messages you haven't seen yet.

Relevant stories and services

Relevant stories and services

Whether you’re looking for recipe ideas, expert parenting advice, fun things to do, and more, FamilyApp comes fully-loaded with hundreds of articles and services for your family. Our team of editors and writers are scouring the world for new insights and solutions every week.

Keep your family safe

In the same way that you’re not going to let strangers in your home, FamilyApp assures that your digital home is accessible and secure.

Patent-pending family networking model

End-to-end encryption for private chats

Include younger and older members

Secure key authentication

GDPR / CCPA compliant

Family Stories

Inspiring stories from families like yours.