19 January 2021 (updated)

FamilyApp Tips: What's Encryption?

Have you heard the term encryption, but wondered what it is, and why it's important? Read on to learn more about end-to-end encryption and how FamilyApp uses that technology to keep you and your family safe. We realized people needed a safe place to connect with their loved ones without the risk of personal information getting into the wrong hands. Precious photos and private conversations are intended for your social circles only. By using end-to-end encryption as the core of our foundation, FamilyApp protects you and your information.


All About Encryption: Privacy Built-In

End-to-end encryption ensures that the only people who can see your messages are the sender and recipients. More importantly, encryption prevents the app from storing copies of your messages on its servers. This means that no one else can see them ever-- including the FamilyApp team. This privacy system locks each of your chats, allowing only those included in the message to see what's going on. You've got the keys, not us. The best part? Everything's already built-in, so you access this cutting edge technology as soon as you set up an account. We're all about giving families virtual safe places where they can connect in meaningful ways. In the same way that you wouldn't feel safe in a city with open windows and unlocked doors, you don't want to leave your valuable family messages vulnerable to the outside world. Encryption works as a security system for your virtual family space (aka FamilyApp). So instead of focusing on security concerns, you can spend your energy looking at photos of your newest niece or making plans for your next family reunion. With end-to-end encryption, we've taken care of the hard part, so all you need to do is hit send.

What's Yours Is Yours.

Our promise of safety begins the moment you download FamilyApp. It's not our job to keep track of your personal messages. That's why none of your messages get stored on our servers. We will never be able to see or recover the content you send between your families and groups. But it is our job to make sure that you and your family have a safe place to communicate and share your life together online. You alone hold the keys to your privacy.

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