One of FamilyApp’s convenient features includes the capability for specific topic-based chats. Read on to learn how to start one and keep chatting with your family.

As you’re setting up FamilyApp on your mobile device, you’ll notice two separate indicators towards the bottom of the screen: “Chat” and “Contact”.

Tapping the “Chat” indicator will take you to a list of your active chats. Tapping the “Contact” indicator will show you any Families and Groups you are currently involved with.


Under the “Chat” indicator, you can scroll through a list of your currently active chats. This will include chats within Families, Groups, and other topic-based chats.

You can easily create Topic-Based Chats to suit any specific genre of content– birthdays, carpooling, road trips and more. These chats can include family members, friends, and anyone else using FamilyApp.

To create a new Topic-Based Chat, tap the chat-bubble icon in the upper-righthand corner of the Chat page. Doing so will bring you to your contact list, where you can select as many of your contacts as desired. After selecting chat members, hit next.

At the top of your new chat, you’ll notice the names of every chat member selected on the previous screen. Tapping these names will bring you to your chat’s info page, where you will have the option to change the name, image, and membership of the chat.

Give your chat whichever name you’d like (i.e. birthdays, carpooling, etc.) and you’re all set!

No matter what you have to chat about, FamilyApp can provide a secure platform for you to stay connected with the people you care about most!

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