FamilyApp Tips: How to Add Members Who Don’t Have a Phone Number

You can set up a secure account for your kids (and older family members), so they can communicate with you over encrypted chats, even when they don't have a mobile number! Here's how to add these dependent family members by sharing a passcode with them.

Getting started with your passcode:

  • To use a passcode, you and the family member with whom you want to connect will both need a device with FamilyApp downloaded on it. So if you're on your phone, they'll need to use a tablet, iPod, or another phone. You won't be able to log in as two different people on the same device.
  • On your own device, select the family to which you'd like to add a new member. You'll need to be an administrator of this family.
  • Tap "+ member" and then select the far-right option that says "Create an account for a dependent."
  • You will then be prompted to create the profile of the new family member, including his or her first and last name and a display name.
  • The phone number is OPTIONAL. This is only if your dependent user is under 13, but has their own phone number. If they don't have a phone number, you can leave this section blank.
  • At this step, you can also select the parent/guardians for your dependent user from your contact list.
  • Hit "Next"
  • You will be prompted to put in your dependent user's birthday.
  • Next, add a profile picture, initials, or gradient as the dependent user's avatar.

  • On the new member's device, have them select "Login with Passcode."
  • On your device, press the button "Issue Passcode." We'll send a code to your device for the other member to enter onto their screen.
  • The new member needs to type in the code you provide, and they're ready to join the family!
  • Each code is valid for 60 seconds, so if you don't enter it in time, you can always issue them a new one.

How do I sign my child into more than one family?

Most FamilyApp users are members of more than one family. For example, members may have an immediate family, and an extended family, or even a split home. Parents can add kids to more than one family. So children whose parents aren't together can be part of both families, and kids can join in extended family conversations, too.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to the family to which you want to connect the member.
  • Navigate to the +member section.
  • Since they're already logged in with a passcode, when they tap the link, they will be asked to enter their name and will be added to the new family.
  • Keep in mind- only the administrator of a specific family can issue a passcode.

Extra tips with kids and FamilyApp

  • Remember: just because someone is in your family doesn't mean they have to be part of all conversations. Feel free to set up separate threads so you can chat privately about other topics.
  • Only adults can be administrators. This allows parents to stay aware of their child's communication (so no "kids only" threads) and keeps us compliant with the Child Online Protection Act.
  • Dependent users cannot create new groups but can create group chats with other members of groups they're in.
  • If you have a child who's a little too overzealous and starts to clutter your chats with strings of emojis or random letters, you don't have to remove them completely. You can always log dependent users out of the family if they are not using it appropriately. Don't worry; you can add them back in at any time!

Have your kids started using FamilyApp, yet? There are so many ways kids can benefit from the app, whether they're staying up-to-date with the family schedule or chatting with grandparents. Try it today!

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