FamilyApp Tips: Create a Group

Ready to create a group? Whether it's your soccer carpool or book club, having a group with the right people all in one place makes life a little bit easier.

As you're setting up FamilyApp on your mobile device, you'll notice three separate indicators towards the bottom of the screen: "Chat," "Discover," and "Contact." Tapping the "Contact" indicator will show you any Families and Groups you're in. Under the "Contact" indicator, select "Groups." On this screen, selecting the plus sign icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen will give you the option to create a new Family or Group. Select "New Group." The next screen will prompt you to give your new group a picture and title. Next, you'll be asked to enter a DISPLAY NAME. This display name will be your handle in the new group you are creating, and any other existing display names will remain the same in other groups, families, and chats.

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