FamilyApp Chat Introduced to Bring Families Together

Real-time, Private Chat App Creates Bubble of Security for Family Communications

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA, May 7, 2018 — FamilyApp, the premier provider of digital technology platforms for the family sector, today introduced FamilyApp Chat, the company’s messaging app beta released on a patent-pending family messaging platform. The innovative platform provides users with real-time, private, and group messaging secured by end-to-end encryption along with a range of new features.

“It’s more than a messaging tool for families. We’ve built a digital home,” says Peter Kraus, FamilyApp CEO. “ The addition of real time messaging  is a transformative evolution of our 2011 FamilyApp prototype which focused on the activity marketplace. Our latest innovation addresses the exploding public demand for immediate conversations that’s both simple and safe. Our solution was to create a secure, digital bubble for family communications that connects the generations and their close family circles.”

In a significant expansion of FamilyApp’s global marketplace portfolio, FamilyApp Chat gives families the key to their own digital home. Within a protected circle of select family and friends, members can join organized private chats and safely share personal photos, images, and audio and video files. Private information can be stored in a family archive for future retrieval. The new Messenger also incorporates an event sharing feature that helps families connect their existing calendars and effectively organize family life.

In addition, FamilyApp Chat’s innovative emoji login with a secure key transfer between family members enables young and old alike easily to participate in family conversations without needing a phone number for sms authentication.

FamilyApp Chat is a game-changer for families who want simplicity, convenience, and security in messaging,” says David Brown, FamilyApp product owner, and co-founder. “It’s cutting-edge technology that spans the generations and brings families closer together.”

FamilyApp’s mission is to fill people with hope as they experience the security of belonging to a family.

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