About Family Digital

Family Digital, Inc., headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia, is an international communications company founded in 2017. We’ve pioneered a new consumer engagement model called business to family (B2F) that safely connects families and provides relevant products and services without using personally identifying information.

We want families to have a safe digital home.

That’s why we’re leveraging technology to help strengthen and connect your family under one digital roof

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Our vision is to be the most trusted company for families around the world. We will offer relevant tools, technology, and services providing economic benefit and data privacy for all participants.

Our Platforms

Family Digital Company Mission
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Our global consumer messaging platform is a virtual home that empowers families to communicate, collaborate, and share solutions brought to them by trusted providers. This patent-pending networking model is ideal for families,  community groups and lifestyle brands seeking more authentic engagement.

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Our proprietary content performance platform is now available for enterprise clients. Identify relevant trends and topics, and empower your creative teams to produce quality content with guaranteed results.

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Our mission is to fill people with hope as they experience the security of belonging to a family

Founder’s Story

The Family Digital journey began in 2008 with a cross-continental phone call between newlyweds Peter and Laura Kraus. Laura, an international news producer on assignment in Beijing, and Peter, a financial management expert and architect of a new digital business solution near Washington, D.C., were discussing plans for their future. 

The couple shared a passion to help families connect, fostering the sense of belonging and togetherness each had experienced growing up in large families. At the time, people were flocking to…

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