Family App, LLC Incorporates to Venture Further into Famtech Space


Capital Infusion Spurs Momentum in Development of “Good Tech” for Families

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA. Oct. 1, 2017 – Family App, LLC today announced the Company’s entrance on the global communications stage with the establishment of a digital technology corporation to harness innovative technology and build a secure, virtual marketplace of family-based solutions. The Company’s Articles of Incorporation have been filed with the Secretary of State of Delaware as Family Fabric, Inc.

“As pioneers in the famtech sector, we are driving innovations in digital technology that strengthens families and the organizations and businesses that support them,” says Peter Kraus, company CEO. “We believe our vision of a messaging marketplace devoted to the thriving family sector is breaking new ground in digital solutions and data privacy while providing economic benefits for all participants on our journey.”

The Company also announced a capital investment raise of $500,000 by angel investors from Virginia Beach to expand the development of the FamilyApp messenger marketplace.

FamilyApp’s mission is to fill people with hope as they experience the security of belonging to a family. The Company launched in 2011 with the rollout of a prototype, an activities finder app for families.

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