Family App, LLC Announces Company Launch to Connect Families Online


Digital Technology Startup Unveils New Mobile App that Empowers Generations to “Be Together”

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA, Sept. 12, 2011 — Family App LLC today announced its formation as an industry-leading, digital communications technology company designed to develop tools and resources that empower families to “Be Together” in the era of social media.

The Company also unveiled its flagship consumer product offering, the FamilyApp activity marketplace. The new app is an accessible, online tool that helps users find family-centered activities, entertainment ideas, and travel resources to strengthen family connections.

“When we envisioned our company mission, we realized families were searching for deeper connections, but many were frustrated by the fragmentation of social media platforms and message boards,” says Peter Kraus, Family App LLC General Manager.

“We decided the solution was to design a safe place online where families could come together under a single, virtual roof and find things to do together,” Kraus says. “With FamilyApp we’re laying a “good tech” foundation for our vision of a global, digital marketplace, supporting families around the world.”

FamilyApp’s mission is to fill people with hope as they experience the security of belonging to a family.

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