How To Add An Event To The FamilyApp calendar

Are you tired of trying to coordinate all of your family activities? The FamilyApp calendar will help you simplify everything in no time! Here’s how to add an event so you can start using the calendar.



FamilyApp Calendar Basics

FamilyApp calendar lets you easily coordinate all of your activities and family events. Here’s how to use it.


  • First, you click on the “Events” tab on the bottom of your screen.
  • Then, your calendar view pops up. It might be just the week, with the current day highlighted in green.
  • To add an event, click the plus sign in the top righthand corner of the app.
  • You can “Add Event” on the FamilyApp calendar by entering the title and description when you see the menu.


familyapp calendar event


Adding family members to your events

To add family members to your events


  • Click the “plus” bubble next to your name. You will then see all of the families you’re part of.
  • Click on one of those families and you’ll see green highlights around the picture bubbles. If you want to add a relative to the calendar entry, keep their bubble highlighted and green.
  • If you don’t want to include somebody, click their bubble and take away the highlight.
  • You can add members from all of your families to specific events. So, for example, if your son has a piano recital, you can just invite local relatives from all sides of the family without including those who live out of town and are unable to come.


FamilyApp calendar location


Adding location to your calendar event

It’s simple to add a location to your FamilyApp event. Here’s how.


  • On the Add Event screen, click on “Add” across from “Location”.
  • You can enter in your desired destination, whether it’s a street address or location name, like restaurant, school, or store. Then the location will appear on your entry.
  • You can also add reminders of when to leave, or whether to repeat your calendar entry if you would like.



Managing Events

Once you’ve added your first entry and included the right people, you can start filling in your calendar! You can switch to a weekly or monthly view to see the different events for a particular date.


  • Darker circles indicate several events on one day.
  • Lighter circles indicate days with fewer events.
  • Days in white indicate no events.

Now you’re ready to simplify your life and family communication with the FamilyApp calendar!

FamilyApp on your phone
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