07 March 2021 (updated)

The Perfect New Year's Eve Outfit for Every Occasion

New Year’s is a time to welcome the possibilities of the coming year. From jeans and velvet to sparkly sequins, the right New Year’s Eve outfit will inspire celebration!

Whether you decide to spend the night in the house or go out, NYE is a time to celebrate! That means that it’s important to have the perfect outfit to mark the occasion! Whether you party with friends or go to a gala, our New Year’s Eve outfit ideas will help you celebrate. Check out our tips to help you find your perfect look for this holiday!

What Is the Perfect New Year’s Eve Outfit?

Whether you’re heading to a house party or a fancy affair, there are a few outfits that scream "Happy New Year". For a look that will make you feel like your very own celebration, try these!

  • Sequins! – Nothing says party like sequins, and this New Year’s Eve outfit for women offers up flashy fun! While black can be more subtle, you can choose metallic or a bright color for a glam look. It’s just a good idea to keep the rest of your look simple so it’s not over the top.
  • The LBD – Few dress styles have their own iconic history, and that’s why the little black dress will always be classic. You can pair it with patterned tights for a little fun. Otherwise, you can wear this dress ultra-sophisticated with heels and do an elegant up-do. 

What Are Some Great New Year’s Eve Party Outfits?

If you’re heading out to a party, you might want to wear something that will really impress. From silky to sparkly, one of the following New Year’s Eve outfits will get you ready for resolutions!

  • Silk Dress – A New Year’s Eve outfit is the perfect time for some sparkle. And, what better way to get into and out of the holiday season than a slinky silk dress? If you wear this ultra-feminine look with the right winter coat, it’s the perfect NYE outfit!
  • Sweater & Skirt – There are plenty of New Year’s Eve outfit ideas to choose from, but the cooler weather can cause complications. Instead of committing to one or the other try a pleated skirt with an oversized sweater. You’ll be chic and cozy at the same time. Be sure to share your best looks on your favorite family app!
  • A Jumpsuit – It might seem like no more than a casual romper, but jumpsuits have made a comeback in recent years. Not only is a jumpsuit easy to wear and comfortable, but it also brings a measure of elegance with a fine jacket and the right accessories!

How Do You Wear Jeans on New Year’s Eve?

If you’re considering a more casual New Year’s Eve outfit or just don't want to wear a dress or skirt, you don’t have to leave jeans out of the running. In fact, they can make for an epic outfit with just a little sass!

  • A Velvet Blazer – The perfect pair of skinny jeans always feels like a win. But, for the best New Year’s Eve outfit, wear them with a velvet jacket and a sleek heel. There’s no doubt that velvet’s in, so pick your favorite color for some metallic-tinged luxury! 
  • Faux Fur – If you’re thinking more along the lines of old-world elegance, you may want to consider fake fur. For those who are a fan of the aesthetic, choose simple embellishments like a camisole and black boots. Share your ideas for this look on FamillyApp!

New Year’s Eve is the one night of the year you get to say out with the old and in with the new! That’s why it’s so important to have the right outfit. From a sleek jumpsuit to a classic little black dress, there’s something for every kind of celebration. Do you have any tips for the ultimate New Year’s Eve outfit? Share them with us in our comments! There’s no right or wrong way to do it as long as you say goodbye to 2021 in style.

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