26 February 2021 (updated)

The Best Family Video Games for Game Night

Who says game night can't take a step into the new tech age? Check out these family video games that will have everyone ready to play just one more round!

Are you looking for ways to keep family game night exciting? Family-friendly video games can be a great way to transform game night into something fresh and engaging.

As a precaution, whenever you introduce video games into your home, be sure to check the online access capabilities. Many online forums for games can be difficult to monitor. Also, they can be dangerous for young children to navigate. We recommend disabling these features. Check out Common Sense Media to see how other parents and experts rate the age-appropriateness of games.

What Are the Best Family Video Games?

Overcooked 2: The premise of this is pretty simple. Up to four players work together in a kitchen to create dishes by following recipes for orders that appear. For each dish, the players must complete a number of steps, such as chopping vegetables or cooking rice before combining the ingredients. Levels will get progressively more difficult with more and more challenges! This is a great game to promote working together as a team and communication. And who knows? It may inspire a new-found love of cooking!

LegoWorlds: Since 2005, LEGO games have given kids and parents awesome ways to experience hugely popular franchises such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry PotterJurassic Park, and the superhero universes. Almost all of these well-crafted experiences are worth playing cooperatively, for both the young and young at heart. LegoWorlds is a great option if your family is creative and enjoys building things together.

MarioKart: This is one of those games that will get everyone feeling competitive! It's a series of go-kart-style racing video games where you can race your friends or battle them in battle mode on battle courses. Rated E for Everyone, that means everyone is sure to have a blast twisting and turning through different fantastical lands.

Little Big Planet: LittleBigPlanet is a puzzle-platform video game where players can solve problems and flex their creativity! The game follows "Sackboy" through his various adventures with story and narration. With the ability to customize your character, the challenge of the levels, and the ability to create your own games, this is a fun and exciting option for everyone!

What Are the Best Party Video Games?

Super MarioParty: Mario Party is a party video game series featuring characters from the Mario franchise. Up to four players or computer-controlled characters compete in a board game with various mini-games. The goal of Mario Party is to collect the most Stars within the allotted amount of turns. Although Super Mario Party is exclusive to Nintendo Switch. Fortunately, older versions of Mario Party (1-10) are available on older Nintendo consoles.

Wii Party: With tons of mini-games and 9 different game modes, this game has something for everyone! With "house party" games like "Hide and Hunt," and "Time Bomb," you'll be sure to find a game that will get everyone moving!

What Are the Best Active Family Video Games?

Just Dance: Before Tiktok, with Just Dance, we stood in front of our TVs and mimicked the avatars who told us how to move! On Xbox Kinect, this dancing game uses motion-sensing technology to determine how well you're dancing along with the "moves" appearing on the screen. Turn any party or game night into a dance party and see who has the best moves!

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Xbox Kinect Sports: This is a great option for the sporty and non-athletic alike. It's a collection of six sports simulations and eight mini-games. It uses the motion-sensing capabilities of Kinect to create an exciting gameplay experience. Whether it's bowling, track and field, boxing, table tennis, beach volleyball, soccer, the whole family is sure to have a blast while getting their heart rates pumping!

Wii Sports: Wii Sports was one of my family's absolute favorite video games. With tennis, bowling, golf, boxing, and baseball, you're sure to find a sport that everyone loves. And they'll probably want to play it again and again! Another option is Wii Sports Resort which takes place on a tropical island. Some activities include Sword Play, water scooter racing, and Disc Dog.

Plan Your Next Family Game Night!

Whether it's sports or mini-games, these family-friendly video games are sure to have everyone asking to play one more round. Let us know your favorite family video games in the comments and let your loved ones know about your next family game night with FamilyApp!

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