24 June 2021 (updated)

Outdoor Halloween Decorations and Yard Décor

Looking for a way to get into the October spirit? With the right outdoor Halloween decorations, you’ll be able to make the most of the season!

Many children count down the days until the trick-or-treating season starts. And, with the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s no doubt that many people will be spending this Halloween closer to home. Outdoor Halloween decorations are a fun way to spruce up your yard, and keep the spirit alive no matter how you hand out candy! Whether you make them or buy them, enjoying the neighborhood is half the fun. Be sure to share your ideas for Halloween 2020 on your favorite family app!

While it's fun to decorate, keep in mind that Halloween can be a challenging time of year for kids who are especially sensitive. If you have kids or close neighbors who fall into this category, you might want to consider going for more of a happy harvest type of yard decor, as opposed to decorating with more scary subjects.

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How to Make Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Whether it’s your costume or the decorations, getting prepped for Halloween night is one of the best parts of the holiday. Share your DIY Halloween yard decorations on FamilyApp with other families!

  • Halloween Wreath – Make a seasonal statement with your wreath! You can also cover a traditional wreath with plastic snakes, cobwebs, and spiders for something that will be sure to scare! Or, add some mini pumpkins for a more understated fall wreath.
  • Pumpkin Pile On ­– Outside décor for Halloween can be as simple as a pumpkin stack! If your family has carved a bunch of pumpkins, place them on the stairs or your front porch. You can also add a bunch of uncarved gourds on top of each other for a simple seasonal display! Brightly colored mums also provide a strong pop of color.
  • Ominous Entryway – One of the most menacing Halloween decorations can be a creepy entryway! If you have a trellis, attach cobwebs to it or create broken wooden slats with a ‘broken’ ‘Keep Out’ sign on them. You can even add a fake tombstone beside your entrance to even scarier effect!
  • DIY Scarecrow – Using a pumpkin for a head can be the perfect way to make your own Halloween-themed scarecrow. Tie up some hay, use an old outfit, and set the pumpkin on top for your own scarecrow.
  • Festive Lanterns - Sometimes the easiest Halloween décor is all about just adding one element to the decoration you already have! If you happen to have porch lights, putting a witch hat on one of them is a great way to add instant ambiance. All you have to do is suspend them over the lights using a fishing line! Or, if you have a bench, you may want to purchase a plastic skeleton that simply ‘hangs out’.

Where to Buy Outdoor Halloween Decorations

There are plenty of places you can buy some of the best outdoor Halloween decorations on any block! If you’re looking for the perfect front yard décor, head to Home Depot or visit their website. They've got something for everyone-- from the subtle to the scary.

Lowe’s is also a great home store to get the Gemmy Crashing Witch. For Halloween fare, few online resources offer as many options as Grandin Road. From window crashing ghosts to pumpkin lights, it’s a great Halloween-centric site! For options to explore near you, make a visit to your local party or dollar store for some creative ideas!

A costume may be one of the most important parts of a happy Halloween, but it’s important not to forget about the decorations. Whether you head to a local store or make your own from scratch, they really set the tone! What are your best Halloween decorations ideas? Share them with other readers in our comments! With the spooky season right around the corner, it’s not too early to start making some DIY decorations.

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