05 March 2021 (updated)

Outdoor Christmas Decorations to Celebrate the Season

The right outdoor Christmas decorations can help to make the season even brighter in your neighborhood.

Try dressing up your yard with an outdoor Christmas tree or some sparkly holiday bulbs!

Christmas is a time of good tidings and cheer, presents under the tree, and roasted turkey. But another part of the beauty of the holiday season is all the decoration. And, it’s easy to forget that there’s more to it than Christmas lights, a gingerbread house, and the stockings!

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Gorgeous Christmas Decorations. Photo Credit: Valerie and Mario @we_dabble

What Are Good Christmas Decorations for Your Yard?

  • Green Garlands ­– Garland is one of the most quintessentially Christmas decorations around. Often, you can use this store-bought Christmas decoration both inside and outdoors. You just need some hooks and a ladder for some porch-bound pieces to set off your home. Deck your garlands out with red bows or Christmas lights for an added seasonal appeal!
  • A Festive Wreath – There’s nothing like a wreath on the front door to make it look like the holidays! And, while green garland might be the common riff, there are different spins on the classic wreath. Try your own citrus wreath with dried oranges and pinecones or a Styrofoam wreath covered with shiny Christmas bulbs! Whatever you decide, doing your own outdoor Christmas decorations will make a fun activity!
  • Rustic Red & Green Porch – If you like to decorate your porch or front yard in fall, there’s no reason you can’t change up your décor for winter. While a rocking chair and a tree make it seasonal, red and green accessories like a knit blanket will holiday it up.
  • Outdoor Christmas Tree – One of the most popular Christmas lawn decorations in recent years is the outdoor tree! You don't even need a ladder and a string of lights. Instead, create a natural ambiance by decorating yours with large bulbs that make it look like your in-home Christmas tree. DIY birdseed ornaments can also be an animal-friendly touch and some outdoor spotlights will help

Photo Credit: Lucy Blakelock @lb.9524

  • Seasonal Signage – If you want to point the way to Christmas, look no further than some cutesy Christmas signs. They can point to your home, the North Pole, or other Christmas-themed destinations! A few sprigs of holly or festive bows can also be easy Christmas lawn decorations for those with a mailbox.

How Do You Prevent Theft for Outdoor Christmas Decorations?

Damages from a winter storm or some sneaking thieves can rob you of holiday joy. So if you put a lot of work into your outdoor Christmas decorations ideas, you’ll want to make sure they stay in your yard.

That’s why it can be a good idea to invest in large and heavy decorations, so they’re harder to move. If you’re using plastic lawn ornaments, try attaching them to a stake that’s pushed into the ground. This can also help to ensure that inflatable decorations don’t blow away! For those who are having issues with stolen decorations, installing a GPS tracking device is also an option. However, this can become quite expensive. Motion-activated lights always function as a deterrent for any thief so they can be a better option. While a fence will often obscure the view of your home, it can also serve as an additional obstacle for a thief.

Spark Some Joy With Your Christmas Decorations

Outdoor Christmas decorations are part of the festive fun that makes up the holiday season. From the porch and the patio to the pine tree, there are plenty of cool ideas to dress it up. And, it doesn’t have to take a lot of time to make the season sing!

Do you have any ideas for outdoor Christmas decorations? Share them with other readers, and don't forget to send pictures of your decoration to your loved ones via FamilyApp! With so many of us homebound, it’s never been more important to bring the warmth from inside outdoors!

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