11 June 2021 (updated)

My Favorite Beauty Products: IT Cosmetics

IT Cosmetics sells new expectations for skincare and makeup. Read on for why this beauty company has so many of us saying bye-bye with confidence to our other products.

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Favorite Beauty Products: IT Cosmetics

Designed to solve skin problems immediately and over the long-term, IT Cosmetics has built a huge following in just ten years. Their most popular products have included their CC Cream with SPF 50 and Bye Bye Under Eye, but in 2016 they launched their skincare line, and now the brand is found on the shelves of 33 countries.

IT Cosmetics Story

Founder Jamie Kern Lima was a TV News Anchor in search of products to solve her skin concerns. When she couldn't find what worked, she set out to make it. Lima partnered with dermatologists and plastic surgeons to engineer makeup and skincare formulas with ingredients that nourish skin over the long haul while correcting immediate problems such as redness, pores, and acne.

You can now read Jamie's complete story in her book, Believe IT. In the book, she tells her own story of overcoming her doubts and going from being a struggling waitress to founding IT Cosmetics. She's passionate about other women overcoming their own insecurities and self-doubts and moving forward with confidence and joy.

I stumbled onto the IT Cosmetics brand when an Ulta Salesperson suggested I try the CC Cream. I admit I was taken in by the before and after pictures on display (I identified with the BEFORE).  But after just a few days of using the product, I was sold.

IT Cosmetics CC Cream

The CC cream is IT Cosmetic's best selling product because it's a moisturizer with anti-aging ingredients, and plenty of coverage, without feeling like coverage. Bless whatever marketing writer coined the tagline "Your Skin but Better. " She is a truth-teller.

I use CC Cream with the frequency of a full-coverage moisturizer, yet it gives me color-correcting, full coverage, SPF, and, what I call, "vitamins for my skin." So do I come downstairs in the morning before putting this on? Never. It helps me live my hydrated best life every single day.

AND it has SPF 40 built-in. I'm ready to face the world and its dangers with excellent coverage.

When I'm going out, I just increase my CC Cream application to produce more of a foundation effect. But other IT loyalists have fallen in love with the Bye Bye Foundation makeup that ensures the full coverage of a liquid foundation face makeup in the perfect shade that hydrates without the heaviness.

Bye Bye Under Eye

Bye, Bye Under Eye was IT Cosmetics' first product. This Eye Concealer formula works wonders on discoloration and bags, and a tiny bit goes a long way towards creating a natural-looking you who's had more sleep.

Confidence in a Cream

It Cosmetics launched its face care line with this day-to-night moisturizer using the same trusted ingredients. This product contains 7 anti-aging benefits, including skin-brightening, reducing fine lines, hydrating, and minimizing the appearance of pores.

They've recently extended this line to include Confidence in a Cream Neck Cream and Beauty Sleep, the nighttime moisturizer. These anti-aging, skin-loving creams feel light and smell lovely.

Flash Sales and Private Sales

I've purchased my IT Cosmetics at Ulta, on Amazon, and at The Cosmetic Company Store in the Williamsburg Prime Outlets. But I must say, of all the digital product marketing I receive, It Cosmetics runs great private sales for its subscribers. I receive text alerts about daily products that are available at 50% off. Also, when you order directly from IT, you get to choose up to 3 samples of other products. This gives me a chance to try something new or snag a "travel-size" of one of my favorites.

Always Improving

IT Cosmetics improves its product and brand constantly. Most recently, they've been developing skincare targeting aging. They're also always updating packaging and diversifying their products for a wide range of skin types and tones. But they make changes without discontinuing the items that work for women and have built a following.

IT Cosmetics: Your Best Face Forward

Whether you're looking for a better concealer, a CC or BB Cream, or to improve your anti-aging skincare routine, check out IT Cosmetics. Take your "Before Face" to these healthy skin experts, see instant results that last, and gain the confidence to take on what's in front of you.


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