11 March 2021 (updated)

Luke and Ashley Wedding Photography: Capturing Dreams

Luke and Ashley bring their own married bliss into Wedding Photography. They have an eye for beauty - and know just what it takes to create a strong team.

Meet Luke and Ashley

Referring to themselves as Wedding Storytellers and "The Chip and Jo" of Wedding Photography, Virginia Wedding Photographers Luke and Ashley Beasley began their photography business on the side to pay off debt. Parents of three kids, they are now debt-free, full-time wedding and commercial photographers who bring their love of each other and beauty to work every day.

Wedding Photography Beginnings

How did the two of you meet? We are both prior military US. Air Force and we met in the Air Force. Luke grew up in New Mexico and Ashley in Florida. We actually eloped in Anchorage, Alaska! We've been married for 15 years and working together in photography since 2012.

Had you always planned on working together? We had no choice but to work together and make this business work. We were 86k in debt, had 3 kids, on food stamps, and barely making $300 every 2 weeks. This is how and why we started taking pictures. With our teamwork, we paid off our debt in 4 years, grew our business, and Luke quit his day job. We are doing this full-time now.

Working as Team

How do your differences help you as a team? We each learned we have to find and stick to roles that make us happy or effective for ourselves and the business. That came with a lot of trial and error. Now we stick to those roles, and it has made our business experience amazing with each other and our clients.

Does your perspective as a married couple change how you approach wedding photography? Yes, we realized we would not pay a lot of money for our kids' weddings! But, overall, no. We approach each wedding ready to serve our clients and give them the best day possible.

Wedding Photography Wisdom

What advice would you give newly engaged couples about their wedding photography?  Do not go cheap on wedding pictures. You're not only hiring a photographer's trained eye to capture your wedding day. You're also hiring the back end experience that will make or break your day.

If you go cheap on your photographer, you are more than likely getting a photographer that is still learning how to serve you. And wedding photography will be one of the only things you have left from the day, so why risk it?

All in a Day's Work

What is your favorite task to DO on your job? Eat the cake at the end of the night.  And just capture the day. Each aspect of the day has its own unique take. There really isn't a favorite; it's all amazing.

What does a good day at work look like? Being in the office, getting all of the work done before 2 pm, so we can hang out the rest of the day.

We also really enjoy the wedding days and sharing our same day slide show images with our bride and groom. We love to see their joy and happiness about their own wedding day.

How do you unwind and connect as a couple - and turn work off?! Get out of the house and away with our kids. Working from home is tough because you just find yourself back in your office working. So getting away, leaving is the best.

Wedding Photography Life

If you had to give up photography tomorrow - and you could choose any different career - what would it be? We ask ourselves this all the time! No idea. We would probably go back to what we both did in the military. Luke was a jet mechanic. So he would get his AMP. Ashley did radiology, and she would need to get re-certified.

What else do you want readers to know about your business? We started our business out of a necessity to live, but it's turned into a business that allows us to capture couples on their most important day. Serving others is a great way to live and for us being wedding photographers is our favorite way to serve.

Planning your wedding? Luke and Ashley offer each of their couples who book for the wedding a complimentary engagement photoshoot.  You can connect with them on their site or Facebook and Instagram @lukeandashleyphotography.

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