10 March 2021 (updated)

The Life-Changing Magic of Shower Refinishing

Shower refinishing removes soap scum, mildew, and dirt. Then a fresh coating is applied, making your shower or tub like new.

The Life-Changing Magic of Shower Refinishing

My shower was gross. Old, gross, and sad. The tile was blue and stained, and for the life of me, I could not get the grout clean or the soap scum off. I felt like I was standing in a dungeon—a dungeon of our own filth. I may be dramatic.

There was good news. The tile wasn't cracked or broken. Nothing was leaking, and it didn't need any repairs. The problems were all with the aesthetic. But this year, with COVID-19 pushing us home more than ever, my bathroom aesthetic mattered. I needed a change.

Shower Refinishing vs. Remodel

I talked to friends about a bathroom renovation. All things are possible, but they come at a price. I wasn't ready to pay the price for a bathroom remodel, so I began looking at Do-It-Yourself Ideas and went back to cleaning.

Then on a fateful day in a local jewelry store with my daughter, the saleswoman asked if I wanted jewelry for Christmas. I answered, "No, I want a new shower." She immediately told me about PTR Tub and Tile, a company she had used to have her bathtub refinished. "It's much cheaper than a renovation," she said. "And they do a beautiful job."

Refinishing Process

Within a week of my first call, PTR sent a Professional Refinisher to refinish both my shower stall and the hall bathroom tub.

Shower and bathtub refinishing is a multi-step process. First, he scrubbed down the surface of the shower and tile wall, cleaning up the caulk and removing or covering fixtures.  He sanded the surfaces of the shower and tub before applying a liquid primer. Then he mixed the refinishing paint and hardener and applied two coats of the paint.

The chemicals are strong. He was sure to cover everything in the bathroom with plastic and inserted a fan into both bathroom windows to remove the toxic air.

New Finish Maintenance

We couldn't use the newly refinished tub or shower for 48 hours. (Hello, Dry Shampoo.) Beyond that, I'll be sure to follow directions for specific care. Abrasive cleaners will ruin the reglazing. (Be aware that Drain-O and similar products are extremely abrasive, so avoid use with any new finish.)

I'll use Dawn Soap to clean the shower stall and bathtub. I'll also be sure that each is getting enough light and drying. Water is our nemesis in the bathroom; I'm learning. Tricky, isn't it?

Is Shower Refinishing for You?

I'm thrilled with how my shower and tub refinishing turned out. Both feel sparkly, new, and lighter. I'm also fully satisfied with the price and process. PTR Tub and Tile spent about 6 hours at my house in one day and refinished both the shower, shower tile wall, and bathtub for under $1000.

If you need further repair work, PTR Tub and Tile can certainly do it, but it'll impact the time and price. Also, my tub is porcelain, not fiberglass, which can change the process. PTR Tub and Tile also works with kitchenssinks, and countertops and does a range of remodeling work.

I was choosing between an expensive bathroom remodel and a DIY project. While DIY bathroom refinishing is a thing, it's not my thing. With paying professional refinishers, I feel as if I found a third way, and the project was finished in record time.

New Shower, New Me.

I lamented the state of my bathroom shower for way too long. Within a week of a friendly woman sharing a referral, I had a shower and bathtub that felt reborn.

If you have an old tub that never quite looks clean, or inviting, consider refinishing. We spend a lot of time in our showers and baths, or at least we should. Don't let a gross surface get you down in a season of challenges. There's a lot of stuff going on out there that's difficult. Bathtub refinishing offers life-changing magic you can begin living with right away.

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