20 October 2021 (updated)

Ideas & Inspiration for a Fun New Year’s Eve with Kids!

A family New Year’s Eve can seem a little boring. But it’s easy to make it fun for kids whether you have a hotel slumber party or a fancy dress up! Find out the best ideas for New Year's Eve with kids!

There’s so much to do around the holidays when you're with your family that it’s easy to forget about New Year’s. But, this holiday is an important way to commemorate the year to come! And, there’s more to celebrating it than just adult fun. In fact, there are plenty of family New Year’s Eve activities that will make for a memorable affair. Check out your local listings and our fun tips to get you started!

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How Do You Celebrate a Family New Year’s Eve With Kids?

There’s no doubt that going out to party on New Year’s Eve can be a great time. But, if you’ve started a family and are prioritizing the little ones, you’ll have to change it up. Fortunately, there’s more to it than champagne into the early hours! There are plenty of kid-friendly events out there that feature everything from face painting to live music and noisemakers.

You can even create your very own family New Year’s Eve at home! From a homegrown dance party to mock cocktails, here are our best tips for a family-friendly celebration. Be sure to share your ideas with other parents on your favorite family app!

What Are Some Family New Year’s Eve Activities and Events for Kids?

There’s no shortage of inspired New Year’s Eve events for families that are easy to execute! From the more subdued to something they’ll really remember, let our ideas help you celebrate this fun holiday.

  • Do Some Scrapbooking – This holiday might be synonymous with celebration. But, what better family New Year’s Eve activities at home are there than crafts? Sit down to preserve the memories from the previous year together using photos and your own inspired words!
  • Have a Dance Party – You don’t need a lot of people to really get the party on! Instead of heading out, rent a karaoke machine or pick a playlist. You can even make it a competition so the person with the best dance moves wins. Share your playlist with other parents on FamilyApp!
  • Get Comfy on the Couch – It’s easy to take for granted but hanging out on the couch can also make for a great evening. Let family members pick their favorite appetizer and choose a movie you all want to watch. You could even watch the countdown or try some family New Year’s Eve games!
  • Play Dress Up – If there’s one thing about little kids, it’s that they love to play adult and dress up like their parents. To celebrate the occasion, get your kids in their swankiest attire. You may even want to organize your own balloon drop or make a mocktail for the event!

What Can Families Do on New Year’s Eve?

If you’re getting out of the house before the ball drop, there are plenty of family New Year’s Eve activities. Check out the community listings in your neighborhood to find something you can all do together!

  • Noon Year’s Eve – This might seem like a typo, but Noon Year’s Eve is a real thing. Instead of making your kids wait until midnight, you can celebrate the New Year at noon! If there’s not an event in your community, consider planning something with local parents!
  • Head to a Hotel – A little time away from home can be a great way to ring in the New Year. Whether you want to go to a performance or have dinner, the kids will love this little adventure! You can even opt for room service and some family New Year’s Eve movies!
  • First Night Celebrations – There are many communities that have family-friendly, alcohol-free events so you can spend the evening together. It’s possible that a locale near you has its own family event that’s fun for everyone! Share local ideas with other parents on your favorite family app.

New Year’s Eve is one of the most popular holidays around. However, it can sometimes be hard to ensure that the kids are involved. Luckily for you and yours, there are plenty of family New Year’s Eve ideas to enjoy in and outside! Do you have any great ideas for New Year’s Eve with kids? Be sure to share them with other parents in our comments. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive to enjoy the fun together!

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