15 June 2021

FamilyApp Tips: How to Delete Your Account

We're sad to see you go!

To delete your account, navigate your Master Profile, (tap your profile picture on any screen). Tap the first option, which says "account."

Then, tap "delete account."

If you are the admin of one or more groups, you will be taken to a screen in which you will be prompted to either choose a new admin in each group, or delete the group. It's recommended that you choose a new admin so that everyone can keep on chatting!

Tap "assign admin." You will now see all the family members within the group. You will only be able to choose a new admin who has a phone number connected with FamilyApp (these members will have a green indicator on by their photo). Choose the user you would like to be the new admin, then hit "done" in the top right corner. If you are the admin of more than one group, you will be directed back to the screen in which you can repeat the process with multiple groups.

Once you've re-assigned admin status or deleted your groups, you will be given the chance to delete your profile. Keep in mind, once you delete your account, you will lose all your chat history and data. Hit "continue." At the next screen, input your phone number to confirm deletion, then press "delete account," and then "done."

If you wish to create a new FamilyApp account, you must start the process from the beginning, as we will not store any account info.

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