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Cooking With Kids – Ideas and Recipes for the Whole Fam

Cooking with kids is always a lot of fun and usually a bit messy, too! Read on for some tips and recipes for kids in the kitchen.

Cooking With Kids – Fun for Everybody

When you first start cooking with kids, you're probably spending most of your time trying to get your toddlers not to eat all the cookie batter. Other times, you might be sitting on the sidelines as your middle schooler starts to bake by himself for the first time. But whatever stage you're in, cooking and trying new recipes with kids can be a really rewarding experience!

Even the youngest ones want to help in the kitchen because then they feel proud and big. And who doesn't love making a delicious homemade snack or treat? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Choosing the Right Recipe

When it comes to selecting the right recipe for cooking with kids, consider one they will actually eat. That doesn't mean you have to stick to chicken tenders and cookies. There are plenty of delicious healthy options you can explore. But starting with easy recipes for kids can set you up for success, especially when cooking with your little ones. Here are some delicious ideas for every meal of the day

Breakfast Ideas for Cooking With Kids

  • Applesauce Muffins- They're delicious, easily portable, and relatively healthy, so what's not to love about these muffins
  • Pancakes- Design them in fun shapes or go for the classics. Pancakes are the perfect food for Saturday morning family breakfasts.
  • Egg-in-a-Hole- It's just as fun as it sounds! Cut a hole in a slice of bread, then place it on a skillet heated with melted butter. Drop the egg in the hole of the bread, and cook until the egg sets, about 45 seconds. Flip to the other side, sprinkle with salt, and serve to your happy kiddos.

Sandwich Recipe Ideas

Sandwiches are a perfect first meal to "cook" or just assemble with kids. You might not even need to use an oven or knife, so you'll maximize safety for all! You can even make them pretty and fun cutting off the crust with a cookie cutter. 

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly- The classic sandwich has been a hit with kids and adults for decades. Learning how to spread the jam and peanut butter with a knife is an essential life skill. If you want to spice things up, add apples or bananas into the mix.
  • Deli Meat Sandwiches- Two pieces of bread, meat, cheese, and sauce. Put them together and you've got a delicious customizable sandwich option. 
  • Roll-Ups- If bread isn't your favorite, try putting your favorite ingredients in a tortilla for a delicious sandwich twist.

Dinner Ideas for Cooking With Kids

Looking for some recipes to get your child involved with dinner prep? Here are a few favorites.

  • Spaghetti- From boiling noodles to either making your own sauce or buying a jar, pasta is a wonderful thing to cook with your aspiring chef. It's easy to make and easy to customize.
  • Cornflake chicken- This recipe is crunchy, easy-to-make, and a healthy alternative to fried chicken strips. It's sure to be a big crowd-pleaser with the family. Just be sure to wash your hands thoroughly if you're touching raw chicken!
  • Tacos- If you're not feeling brave enough to let your kids brown the meat, they can assemble different bowls of toppings like cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and salsa. They can also sprinkle some cheese on tortillas for some easy quesadillas or melted soft tacos.
  • Pizza- If your kids love pizza as much as mine do, try this cheese pizza recipe. It's easy to make, and really fun to roll out the dough. Feel free to customize it with your favorite toppings, too.

Easy Cheese Pizza

Enjoy this easy and delicious cheese pizza your kids will love!

0 from 0 votes


5 mins


15 mins


20 mins






8 slices


248.0 kcal


  • 1


    premade pizza dough

  • 1/2


    tomato sauce (can use more if desired)

  • 8


    shredded mozzarella cheese


  • Easy Cheese Pizza

    1. Prep.

      Preheat oven to 450 degrees F.

    2. Roll.

      Roll out dough on a pizza stone or parchment sheet. Sprinkle with flour if desired.

    3. Sauce.

      Evenly spread marinara sauce over the pizza dough.

    4. Top.

      Sprinkle the top with cheese. Add extra toppings or veggies if desired.

    5. Bake.

      Bake for 10-15 minutes and enjoy!



248.0 kcal


26.5 g


11.0 g


12.0 g





Dessert Recipes for Cooking With Kids

You probably won't have any trouble getting your kids to help out in the kitchen with these recipe ideas. 

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies- These are classic for a reason. You customize them for your dietary needs, with gluten-free flour or vegetable oil. You can use pre-made dough you just have to pop in the oven. Or, you can splurge and make the perfect chocolate chip cookies. However you like them, they're sure to be a hit when you're cooking with kids
  • Fudgesicles- Did you know you can make homemade fudgesicles with just two ingredients! Just get a box of instant chocolate pudding, 2 2/3 cups of milk, whisk together, and freeze. It's a safe and fun recipe anyone can make, and a healthy alternative to ice cream.

Get Cooking!

There are so many fun, easy recipes to make with kids of all ages! Be sure to mix things up, so you're not just cooking things like cake or cookies. Experiment with healthier dishes, too. And be sure to share your favorite photos and recipes with friends and family on your favorite family app! What are your favorite meals to cook with your kids? 

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