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|Activities & Travel,Must Read,Summer04 May 2021

Easy DIY Summer Activities for Kids

Are you ready for summer with your kids? Try out these easy DIY summer activities for kids to beat the summer boredom and the heat!

Rachel Kidd
girl playing in the pool easy DIY summer activities for kids
|Food & Recipes,Summer28 April 2021 (updated)

Refreshing and Delicious Summer Mocktails

There are plenty of delicious alternatives to alcohol that will you feeling cool and refreshed! Check out these delicious recipes for summer mocktails!

Jayne Schultheis
summer mocktails
Outdoor Activities
|Activities & Travel,Summer12 April 2021 (updated)

The Best Summer Activities for Kids and Families in the City

Spending summer at home this year? No, summer's not canceled. Check out our favorite summer activities for kids in urban areas!

Elizabeth Johnson
summer activities for kids in the city
VB Basics
|Family Stories,Summer12 April 2021 (updated)

Summer Fun: 9 Virginia Beach Summer Activities for Families

I will look back at this Virginia Beach summer very fondly. We had the right amount of travel, structure, fun, and relaxation for a truly amazing summer.

Tessa Duquette
|Food & Recipes,Summer09 April 2021 (updated)

Buddha Bowl: Your Perfect Summer Meal

There's probably no meal as versatile and delicious as the buddha bowl! Check out our ideas and recipes for this fantastic summer meal.

Sarah Lopez
|Activities & Travel,Summer10 March 2021 (updated)

Travel Tips: The Best Family Activities in Paris, France

Are you going to Paris, France? Check our top travel tips before exploring this beautiful and historic city full of life and culture!

Josh Miller

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Home Improvement
|Home & Style,Summer04 March 2021 (updated)

How to Clean Your Deck: Tips for Wood & Stone Terraces

Does your deck need a cleaning, but you don't know where to start? These tips and tricks will show you how to clean your deck so it looks better than ever!

Amanda Williams
Outdoor Activities
|Activities & Travel,Summer04 March 2021 (updated)

Bring on Family Fun at These Family Amusement Parks!

Amusement parks are the perfect family getaway. Whether you head to the water park Schlitterbahn or visit the Magic Kingdom, here are some great places to visit

Elizabeth Johnson
|Home & Style,Summer03 March 2021 (updated)

How to Dress for Summer Without Showing Too Much Skin

Staying cool during the heat while wearing modest, professional or age-appropriate clothes is not rocket science with these tips on how to dress for summer!

Amanda Williams
|Activities & Travel,Summer03 March 2021 (updated)

Stand Up Paddling (SUP): How to Use a Stand Up Paddle Board

Stand Up Paddling is THE water sport this summer. Learn which board to choose, how to do it, and the best locations for stand up paddle boarding.

Josh Miller
Family Recipes
|Food & Recipes,Summer03 March 2021 (updated)

Raspberry Freezer Jam: The Taste of Summer

Looking for a way to preserve the taste of summer all year long? This delicious raspberry freezer jam recipe is just what you need!

Anelise Johnson
|Children & Parents,Summer02 March 2021 (updated)

Celebrating the Last Day of School- COVID 19 Style

Just because you're not in a classroom doesn't mean you can't enjoy an amazing celebration! Read on for how to celebrate the last day of school in style!

Nina Simone