First Aid Basics – What Every Parent Should Know

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Faithful Beginnings School Readiness Guide

Faithful Beginnings develops and distributes a school readiness guide to help parents and educators. The guide was developed by a community of parents, grandparents, educators, and faith leaders committed to equip our youngest children with the spiritual and educational foundations they need to succeed in school and at life.  As you and your child engage in these fun activities together, you’re ensuring that they enter kindergarten prepared to be a lifelong learner. … Read More

Why Mo Willems and His Lunch Doodles Are Just What Quarantine Needed

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Homeschool Tips from Peter’s Life Experience

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Virtual School Resources to Keep You Going

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What Do You Need for Your COVID-19 Survival Kit?

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Caring for a Chronically Ill Family Member

As we face the COVID-19 pandemic, those caring for a chronically ill family member face increased stress and isolation. Here are some tips to help a caregiver cope during this difficult time. … Read More

Corona Cocoon: Reframing Social Distancing

During this time of social distancing, uncertainty, and isolation, Nina Simone tells us how we can find safety and security in a corona cocoon. … Read More

Spring Movies for Your Next Family Movie Night

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Drink More Water: 5 Tips for Staying Hydrated

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Home Workout: Staying Fit While Avoiding COVID-19

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31 COVID-19 Boredom Busters and Activities

We’ve all heard those three dreaded words “I’m so bored!” and with so many of us under self-quarantine, as COVID-19 rears its ugly head, it can be difficult to find fun things to do together. Enter our list of 31 boredom busters. … Read More

Quick Prep Guide for COVID-19 Homeschooling

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We CAN Live Without Toilet Paper! 6 COVID-19 Truths

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How to Talk to Your Family About Coronavirus

The recent coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has caused fear and panic in people of all ages worldwide. Even though the vast majority of children recover from this virus, when it comes to fear, they’re some of the most vulnerable. … Read More

5 Steps to Washing Your Hands So It Matters

The recent spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has mobilized the medical world and healthcare providers to produce testing, treatments, and a vaccine. In the meantime, public health officials urge everyone to do keep doing what our preschool teachers taught us to do in order to prevent the spread of infection: Wash your hands. … Read More

Grocery Delivery and Pick Up: A Short Guide to Life Change

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Kids, Bugs, and Germs…What is Really Dirty?

(Note: dirty keyboard was Lysol-wiped multiple times in the typing of this article) I’m home with a child who has strep (again ) with an added bonus of Flu B. We’ve sat in the urgent care or the Pediatrician’s office on five separate occasions in 6 weeks. Co-pays aside, have I become a living petri dish? … Read More

The 10 Most Common Childhood Diseases – Signs and Symptoms

Childhood diseases like scarlet fever and bronchiolitis might be very common, but there are preventative measures to reduce the risk. Find out about symptoms and signs of common childhood illnesses! … Read More