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With FamilyApp it is very easy to create a new family and exchange texts, photos, videos, and audio messages with your loved ones. Here’s how it works!

1. How to create a new family in FamilyApp

  • First, you need to download the FamilyApp. It’s available for both Android and iOS.
  • After you have successfully installed the app and created an account using your mobile phone number, you will see the welcome screen.
  • To create a new family, tap the plus sign in the left corner.
  • Now you can enter the name for your family. In the next step, add your first person for the family. For that, you can take your first name, or Mom, Granny, or any other name your family calls you.
  • Now you’re ready to add family members.
new family

2. How to invite members

You can easily add other family members so you’re not alone in your family by sending your family members an invitation link. You can send this link via email, SMS or social networks. If your family member does not respond to the invitation within 24 hours, the link will expire and they will not see your family when they download the app and log into FamilyApp. 

Please keep in mind that anyone who has this link can also join your family for up to 24 hours after the link is generated, so members may forward it to others to join.  The family administrators don’t have to approve new members before they join, but they can remove people from the family.

new family invitation link

3. What if I don’t have a cell number?

You don’t need a cell phone number to join FamilyApp! You can also add your children or grandparents without a mobile phone number with a specific emoji code. Have an Administrator go to your family and click on ” + members”. Now, you can create an account for your children or grandparents. Enter the name of the family member you’d like to add. You can add their e-mail address, too, but that’s optional. Now the invited person can enter the token which is displayed. You can generate a token for family members on iPads or other tablets that don’t have a phone number.

FamilyApp emoji code new family

4. How many FamilyApp Families can I join?

There is no limit to the number of families you can join. You can create and join as many families you’d like. So feel chat away with your family, your in-laws, and your best friend’s family, for example. Click the circle to engage with the specific family you would like to chat with. 

FamilyApp families join


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