What Do You Need for Your COVID-19 Survival Kit?

Survival Kit for Corona Pandemic

Do you have the right tools in your survival kit to handle a couple of weeks (at least!) of COVID-19 quarantine? Here are a few basics for your kit to get you through the coming weeks.

Self-quarantine now seems more like a matter of “when and how long” rather than “if.” Thousands of schools and businesses across the country have closed their doors for the foreseeable future, which means a LOT of time to sit around the house. Have you planned out your emergency protocol? Have you put together your survival kit?

As we hunker down and wait this virus out, it’s important to be prepared for any kind of emergency. Who knows how long this pandemic could last? Even if everything blows over in the next few months, investing in an emergency survival kit might not be a bad idea. Disaster or no disaster, don’t be the only one unprepared.

General Survival Kit Supplies

The COVID-19 survival kit is slightly different than the kit you’d need in the case of a huge emergency or disaster like a hurricane or tornado. We’re not at risk of losing power, we still have access to clean water and shelters haven’t been destroyed. But it never hurts to be safe!

  • First Aid Kit– with any and all necessary medical supplies. If you can still find them, we suggest doubling down on sanitary supplies like rubbing alcohol and disinfectants. The better your First Aid kit, the better your survival kit! Flash Light & Extra Batteries– You never know when you’ll need them! Flashlights can be expensive, so make sure you get one that has good battery life. Heat & Survival Gear– Again, you probably don’t need these as much as you would in a major environmental disaster, but having rubber gloves or a mask to protect you from germs when you need to go out isn’t a bad idea. Heat blankets, hand warmers, and other items like these are critical for emergencies, too. Waterproof Boots– You never know when things might get messy.Duct Tape– A must-have for every emergency kit. Duct Tape is a pretty versatile item for basic survival, but its potential has no limits.

You’ll want to consider how and where you’ll store your emergency kit, too. Is your kit easily accessible? Could you get to it quickly in case of an emergency? If you’re worried about getting caught unprepared, it might be a good idea to keep a few emergency kits around just in case. Throw a backpack in the car, house and anywhere else you spend a lot of your time during the day.

Survival Kit Items You Might Not Think Of

When you sit down to map out the contents of your survival kit, give yourself enough time to think of the little things that might be easily forgotten. Food, First-Aid, and flashlights are no-brainers– but do you have allergy medication? Keeping a stock of medication for ailments like colds and asthma is never a mad idea. Allergies, headaches, and sore throats will feel even worse in survival mode.

  • Hygiene Materials– While you might not need to be clean to survive, things like deodorant, razors, and dental products are great additions to any survival kit. Extra Socks & Underwear– These might seem like extra, but having clean dry socks will be a mood booster when the time calls for them.Tools– Having a selection of tools to use for repairs, emergencies, and other D.I.Y. projects can be a lifesaver. Keep a few tools close by in your house and car!

Survival Kits for Entertainment

I get it– “survival” and “entertainment” don’t really go together. But whose to say survival has to be boring? In the case of emergency and international lock-down, it’s important that you and your family have enough to do around the house. Here are a few must-haves for under the coffee table.

  • Playing Cards– These are a must for every household. Playing cards are timeless, and offer dozens of different games that everyone can play!
  • Board Games– Board games like Monopoly, Risk, Catan, and Scrabble are all great ways to keep your mind engaged and moving.
  • Sketch Pad– You might not be the next Michelangelo, but who cares? Keep a few sketch pads around just in case.
  • Guitar– A wise man once told me that music was necessary for survival. Keeping an instrument around is a great way to bring people together and ease the mood.

Survival Kit Foods and Liquids

Gallons of water, ready-to-eat canned foods, and other non-perishable items are great to have around in the case of a state of emergency. Don’t be afraid to throw a couple of treats in there, too. Candy, chocolates, and other sugary snacks might be the perfect pick-me-up after a long day. Stock up on items with a long shelf-life, like dried fruits and vegetables.

  • Dried fruit
  • Peanut butter
  • Canned soup and juices
  • Nuts, crackers, and dry cereal
  • Pasta, bread, and other carbohydrates
  • Protein powder/non-perishable foods high in protein

With COVID-19 spreading more and more every day, it’s important that we slow down and make sure we’re prepared for anything. Panic will only cause more harm and more scare. What do you have in your emergency kit? If you haven’t already, make plans to sit down and plan out your emergency protocol.

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