Shamrock Marathon tips and events

Your Guide to Virginia Beach’s Shamrock Marathon

Whether you’re already entered into a race or you’ve come to support a friend or loved one, our guide to Virginia Beach’s Shamrock Marathon has all the info you need. From each of the races to the many other exciting events going on, check out how you can be best prepared on race weekend. ... Read More

The Best Places To Get A Drink In Virginia Beach

Hot summer days, icy winter nights and everything in between– a refreshing drink is a timeless tool for boosting your mood regardless of the time or occasion. Check out the best places to get a drink in Virginia Beach to quench any and every thirst you could possibly have. ... Read More
Dozier family photo traditional beachy dad

Traditional Beachy Dad on the Street: Blake Dozier

Traditional Beachy Dad on the Street Blake Dozier might just be our busiest dad yet. If he’s not catching the latest Redskins game or corralling his four wildly energetic (yet adorable) children, you can find Blake watching videos of Kelly Slater on Youtube or planning his next hunting/surfing trip. ... Read More
Easy and Healthy Acai Bowl Smoothie

Byrds of Paradise Ultimate Acai Bowl Recipe

Clothing fads, music genres, and popular recipes are a few of the things that seem to frequently come and go. Today, acai bowls are all the rage. Check out this Hawaiian-inspired Byrds of Paradise Acai Bowl Recipe; we think it might just stand the taste of time! ... Read More
black history month flag

Why Black History Month Is a Big Deal

Black History Month brings our attention to some of the most important people, events and milestones in the nation. It is a time to celebrate, and a time to reflect. Read on to learn more about why we celebrate Black History Month today! ... Read More